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    Proper electric heat pump plumbing setup

    Hello fellow TFP followers, I recently purchased a Raypak 5450 Electric Heat pump for my 24' above-ground pool w/ 1HP Hayward Pump. I have an electrician doing the wiring, however, I'd like to attempt the plumbing myself; as I have a (seemingly) simple setup. Plus I assume hiring a plumber is a...
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    Heating pool with an undersized heater??

    I have an in-ground concrete pool located mostly in the SHADE , it's ~ 25 x48' (Roman Shaped). We had a heat pump for the past few years, but it broke (seems the installer didn't set it up perfectly flat and over time collected water which corroded the parts, and replacement part is very...
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    Pool Heater not Heating

    Hi everyone. About a month ago my pool heater stopped heating the pool. It still runs but even leaving it on for hours won't heat the spa. Are there any troubleshooting steps you recommend to narrow down the issue?