1. OliviaT

    AquaBrite Eco Finish remodel: $32,000?

    We’re remodeling our 50x15’ 28k gallon pool in Sonoma county, northern CA. The plaster is discolored but otherwise in good shape, making it a good candidate to resurface with AquaBrite Eco Finish. (Liked the smooth surface and easy startup promise.) Our PB finally got the quote back (it took a...
  2. G

    Aquabright or plaster as a resurfacing option?

    We live in Massachusetts, 30k gallon gunite with plaster finish and attached spa, built in the 90's, chlorine chemistry, DE filter, natural gas heater. We have lived here 3 years so we're not sure if/when it has been re-plastered but it is ready for it now. The entire pool feels like you're...