easy set

  1. CCQueen

    Whitish Mucus-like stuff in 15'x48" - How to clean without getting in?

    Three days ago, discovered cloudy water, FC at 0, opened filter pump to see white chunky bits in water and filter. Also found whitish slimy substance clinging onto leaves at pool bottom. I believe from reading for hours on the forums here, that it's white mold. Immediately began SLAM process and...
  2. L

    Intex Easy Set Pool- shaky legs

    Is it normal and safe for the legs of an Intex Easy Set pool to shake when the kids are in there? The pool is level within an inch (took 3 tries but finally got it!). I’m a worrier and the movement makes me a little uneasy. Thanks for your input!
  3. G

    New Intex Easy Set pool leaking through drain plug

    Hi folks, bought a small 8' x 30" Intex Easy Set pool for my son this summer. Followed the directions, filling it up now, but it's leaking from the drain plug itself, not the pool liner around it. Here's the thing... there's an inner plug, and then the cap on the outside (see photos). The inner...