dolphin robot

  1. D

    M400 Android App - Can you set the cleaning mode

    I just purchased a dolphin m400. When I put it in I notice a that i falls of my ledge and never makes it make up there. Any ideas? Also in the app itself I see that there is a cleaning mode section, but I cannot figure out how to change the cleaning mode. Can I change the cleaning mode...
  2. M

    Which robot cleaner is better dolphin nautilus or the Polaris 945

    Hey guys Really looking for some advice on the following Is it worth it to get a robotic cleaner Which out of the two dolphin nautilus and Polaris sport 945 is better and why last thing pool is 12 by 27 rectangle with vinyl steps. Any help is appreciated
  3. G

    Dolphin M200 - Floats on one side/won't cling to the bottom

    Hi, New problem this pool season. My M200 will not stay flat and clean the bottom of the pool. It continues to run but leans to one side. Sometimes it doesn't go to the bottom by rather floats and leans. The Right Side is the one that always lifts. Any suggestions? Nothing appears...
  4. J

    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Belt Came off - New!

    Has anyone had an issue with one of the belts coming off the track on a newer CC Plus? Just bought this Summer found it very strange one of the belts seemed to have dislodged and popped off the bearing of the front wheel. Found it strange as the unit was just purchased this summer. Think maybe...
  5. Bafrye

    Dolphin Deluxe Cl1 stopping mid cycle

    I have run into a second problem, while I was out hunting for my pool light junction box, I looked over to find that my Dolphin stopped. I went over, turned it off, waited a few minutes, and then turned it back on. It ran for about 30 minutes and then stopped again. I pulled it out and checked...
  6. PoolOG416

    Hayward New AquaVac 650

    I just recently purchased this cleaner from Marina Pool Spa & Patio in Colorado. I thought I would leave my findings and reviews on this thread because I checked reviews and they weren't great, but were from 2019. I wanted something cool and modern with no filter bag, so I thought I would give...
  7. JessB412

    Safe to use Robot during SLAM?

    As a first timer I am trying really hard not to screw anything up (really do long term damage) as I figure things out. I need to SLAM the pool (starting today!) and I was curious if I should use a manual vacuum or if I could use my robot vacuum to help with initial clean up to see where I...
  8. J

    Jack's Magic Treatment - What to do after?

    Hi all, Using the Jack's Magic stain ID kit, I identified that their "O2 & Stain #2 Treatment" will (hopefully) remove staining I have in my pool. I started the treatment yesterday. It was a very large amount of chemicals to add to the water (you can view the chemicals involved here). I want...