diy reel

  1. N

    Please share your pictures of your solar cover reels on oval pools

    We have a 21x41 oval pool. We're going to have a deck on one end but don't want to mount the reel in front of the stairs. Planning on putting in some 4x4s on the deep end and mounting it on those but I'd love to see some more pictures before I do. I've done some searching but haven't turned up...
  2. RLinger

    Question for users of the DIY solar cover reel

    I was following this thread DIY Pool cover reel Very interesting thread! We have a 30' above ground pool, and I have had a great heavy duty 4" dia. reel that worked great for almost 15 seasons. Towards the end of last season it finally broke, pretty much in the center of the span. I had the...