1. S

    Swim Spa - How to Handle Cover and Spa Leaking.

    Hi, I recently purchased a 15ft Tidal Fit EP-15 Swim Spa. This swim spa has one of the 2 piece covers that you fold and take off both sides of the spa. I need to build a deck around 2 sides of the swim spa (one of the long sides and one of the short sides) and am trying to figure out how to...
  2. A

    Project for 2021--New Pool Above or In Ground--Rebuild Deck For Walkout

    We're in a shoreline suburb of New Haven, Connecticut, about two miles from the water. For ten-plus years I've been putting up in June/taking down in October Intex 18' diameter pools, buying a new one every three or so years. I'm ready for a permanent pool installation, probably above-ground...
  3. N

    Redoing concrete around pool

    We just moved into a house with a 50 yr old "champion" pool. The vinyl liner was replaced 5 yrs back. The concrete around the pool is sinking/cracked and we are having it ripped and replaced by stamped concrete. My pool guy is suggesting that we replace all our pipes, add a skimmer and maybe add...
  4. K

    Kool Deck

    Hello. we are redoing our patio. I want kool deck but my husband is leaning toward stamped concrete. We are struggling to even find someone who does kool deck. my concern is the stamped concrete still seems hot. the sales people had a sample and it was hot to the touch and not a dark color. i...
  5. P

    Pool concrete deck painting and coping question

    HI everyone, New to the forum and have a question. We have a concrete deck that has never been painted or stained in 15 years with some cracking but not much honestly. We are thinking of improving the look, powerwashing and painting it and wondering what products are recommended (Cool, etc.)...
  6. W

    Deck build. Above below or even with pool coping/top rail

    Wazzup, about to build a deck for AGP. I can’t find a straight answer in regards as to where to install decking. Most common answer has been below with a small gap for winter cover. I’m worried about the coping getting damaged. Just looking for ideas/thoughts etc. also I’m starting construction...
  7. J

    Joints too small for polymeric sand...what should I do?

    Hello Everyone, This is my first forum. Please help. Coming to you from Memphis, TN with questions and pics about what to do about my small grout joints on my pool deck. I have a concrete pad with what appears to be coral stone pavers with beveled edges mortared in place with no sand...
  8. goody222

    Kitchen, Pool, Pavilion after 5 years of planning

    After many years of planning, we went from an empty backyard to this. This coming summer will be our 3rd with this setup. Had a lot of fun planning this. The night lighting is one of my favorite parts, as well as the Sonos speakers near the ceiling. Creates a great atmosphere at night!
  9. Cfyfe3199

    Large Deck Extension wrapped around AGP. PICS!

    Hey all, Around the end of March we began a large deck extension project. I live in Rockland County NY, and it's not called Rockland for no reason. Our property is jagged, wet, sloped, and it took 2 months to hammer out the foundation for the house. Lots and lots of rock. So, since I don't have...
  10. D

    Concrete slab erosion

    We moved into a home that has a 20 year old vinyl pool with a concrete slab encircling it. On one side of the pool the slab ends at a small hill, and there has been some erosion leaving a small gap underneath (about 10 feet long, 1-2 inches thick). I have heard of mudjacking or foam injection...
  11. S

    New build for 2002 Sundance Optima 850

    So I am finally getting around to building the deck for the Hot Tub and it is going great so far. Engineer designed the 10'x10' deck so that the tub sits about 6" higher than the floor of my main deck. Luckily I had power and spot for breaker within 6', so power was the easiest part. I am still...
  12. T

    Semi in ground 12x24 intex

    First of all this forum is great. I've always been a pool/beach bum and now that I own a house it's time to make a statement with an ultimate (budget) pool and patio setup. I was able to get a great deal on the ultra frame 12x24x52 with sand pump and will be going the salt water route. The plan...