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    Hayward DE4820 Filter very low pressure reading & VariFlo Multiport Valve water leak

    Hi, we installed brand new Hayward Pump, DE Filter, Multiport valve, 2 inch PVC pipes to replace our very old Waterway pump and PAC FAB DE filter. While this is our 4th season as pool owners, I would still consider ourselves newbies because this is our first year of doing everything by...
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    Random pressure drop in Hayward DE Filter!!!

    So not to long ago, I thoroughly backwashed my Hayward Pro Grid DE filter 48 square feet. Also before that I clean out each individual grid, there were no rips or tears however I did find some broken plastic inside a few of them, but not incredibly broken. After putting everything together and...
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    Hayward DE4820 2" ports with 1.5" plumbing OK?

    Can I use the DE4820 that has 2" openings with 1.5" plumbing? I ordered the DE filter not thinking about the plumbing size. I am currently using a 20+ year old Hayward S200. Also, what HP VS pump would work well with the DE4820? Thanks! Mario 25K gallon 16x32 IGP vinyl liner current...