de filter

  1. G

    DE Filter Not Coating

    I have been watching my DE Filter closely lately, because it does not seem to be operating correctly as the pressure rises quickly after I replace the DE. I have a Hayward 20 Sq Ft Perflex DE Filter which is less than a year old. At first it worked perfectly. About two weeks ago, I opened it...
  2. E

    Converting to Chlorine and DE filter keeps clogging

    Hi pool people! I’m really hoping someone can give me some tips here. We’re in the process of converting from Baquacil to chlorine. The nice folks at the pool store said the BAQ levels were very low and to shock with cal-hypo, which we’ve done a few times. Pool is green which was expected. The...
  3. J

    Problems after backwash

    I backwashed my pool and added DE this weekend. Now I am having issues with lots of air in the line. The pool pump lost prime only once, but there are a lot of bubbles in the pump and coming out of the jets in the pool.
  4. tavacska

    DE sands in pool

    Hi, Everyone, New to swimming pool and new to the forum too. I have a Pentair 60 DE filter with grids like fans. I had it recently dissembled and garden hose deep cleaned. I got it reassembled and refilled with DE from Lowes. The DE is weighed to the requirement from the Pentair manual. After...
  5. J

    Hayward DE Perflex Tube Filter, can I upgrade to different filter?

    So I bought a house with this pool in December and I have been maintaining it ok I think. I have had a couple algae blooms pop up on me if I got busy and forgot to check the pool for a couple days. The filter I have is a Hayward perflex with like 80 individual tubes with filters over each tube...
  6. K

    DE inhaled while suspended in pool water

    Ok, I may be waaay overthinking this but.... what if there is a little DE suspended in my pool water and my young kids inhale some water while we are swimming (which is not unusual for them since they are not good swimmers yet). I know DE is harmful to your lungs when inhaled in dry form. They...
  7. S

    DE filter needs frequent cleaning

    Hi! This is my first post! We have a Pentair Quad DE filter that's about 10 years old. We've lived here for 2 years, and the longest we've ever been able to go without a full cartridge cleaning is about 3 months, and that was right after we replaced the cartridges about 6 months ago. There is NO...
  8. R

    time sensitive - please help! DE FILTER CARTRIDGE QUESTION

    Hello pool warriors, I am planning a massive 4th of July party in my yard this week and ran into some serious trouble. 2 of the mesh liners of my DE filter cartridges (72 sq ft - 36 inchers) have 2-3 inch tears along the seams. I know that I need to buy a grid to replace these and can get on...
  9. jersey

    Fixing a leaky outlet from a DE Filter

    Hi! The outlet pipe coming out of my DE filter (FNS Plus 60 sq. ft) has a slow leak where indicated in the photos. From the parts diagram it looks like the leak is coming from part numbers 28 or 29 where the pipe meets the filter. I'd like to detach the outlet pipe from the filter housing but...
  10. K

    DE coming up the drain

    When my pump shuts off it appears that DE is coming up from the drain and settling right by it.
  11. M

    SLAMing inground pool with DE filter, no recirculate...

    This is my first time opening a pool. I think I closed down too early last fall and therefore opened up my pool to a nice shade of dark green. Never fear! I am a true believer in the TFP SLAM method and have stocked up on liquid chlorine. I went through my first day, lots of sweeping and...
  12. T


    I have an old Pentair DE filter. All the information has faded off the side. Its on its last leg but hoping to get through summer. Does anyone know which filter this is?
  13. G

    Very low pressure at DE filter

    My pool DE filter suddenly has only 5 lbs of pressure when it is usually at 20-25 depending on how recent I back washed. I tried moving the pump in waste mode and backwash mode and the water trickles out of the waste conduit. We did get a sudden abundance of l;eaves in the pool this week as our...
  14. K

    Pressure Rising very fast

    My 72 year old (female) Friend had an algae problem caused by a broken pump motor and a lot of leaves. I replaced to broken motor, cleaned to DE Filter, got as many of the leaves out as possible without being able to see the bottom of the pool. I Shocked the pool and ran the pump until my...