cyanuric acid

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    Ozone system pool water

    Hi, we just installed a new ozone pool system using chlorine as a secondary sanitizer. Instructions are to check chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels but do I need to balance the calcium and cyanuric acid levels too? Can't find anything online or in the manual about this. Thank you for your help!
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    Cyanuric Acid problems help!

    So leslies and our friend TFP kit both said our cyanuric acid is super high... like 200... suggestion has been to drain half of pool and refill- do we drain from top or bottom? Also we have an ozone pool. Thank you!! ??
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    Why is Cyanuric acid high in a newly filled pool? What can we do to lower it?

    Hi, Our pool was finished with River Rok plaster and we are filling the pool with hose water. I tested the water coming out of the hose and the Cyanuric acid reading is zero. I did this twice to be sure. When I test the water in the pool the reading of Cyanuric acid is 250! (also checked several...
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    Cyanuric acid heated up and dissolved almost immediately

    My pool went neglected for a few weeks as our first child was born last month (I added bleach/acid sporadically but not with any precision). Now I have a bit more time to get everything balanced. My pH was about 8.5, FC 0, and CYA was almost 0 which was a surprise since I had added about 4lbs...