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    Cause of iron staining?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time reader. I’ve owned my 24’ above ground pool for 7 years. I noticed discoloration on the liner after opening the pool this year and eventually discovered it was iron staining. I’m most of the way through a successful ascorbic acid/sequestrant treatment. My...
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    Does sequestrant mess with filtering out iron?

    I have high iron well water. It turns brown in the pool. When I set up my above ground vinyl pool each year, usually I filter out the iron with a polyfil bucket. Usually it works great. This year I bought a larger above ground pool (went from 1700 gal to 5000 gal) and bought a much larger...
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    New to plaster IGP and struggling

    I've had numerous above ground pools, with no problems. Our IG plaster was filled last week. The fill water looked green and the sides are now stained light brown . The builder suggests I throw in a couple of bottles of Stain Away and a bottle of Jack's Magic*. I've done enough reading to know...