1. B

    Help with overtightened pressure gauge - hairline crack on filter

    I'm very new to pool ownership. Help me Trouble Free Pool, you're my only hope. I've attached a picture that is hopefully worth a thousand words. When replacing the pressure gauge, I think I overtightened it because I noticed a small crack in the plastic where the gauge attaches to the filter...
  2. Pool filter crack.jpg

    Pool filter crack.jpg

    Large crack in pool filter
  3. E

    Is this sort of cracking in the coping grout normal?

    Our pool is a few months old and we see cracking in the grout between the coping stones (see pictures). Our contractor claims this is normal for California. Is this really the case? Seems like a lot of cracks for a few months.
  4. F

    Bond Beam Repair Cost

    Hello! I own a pool company here in Southern California. I was getting a lot of info about bond beam repair because I think I am ready to offer that as a service. I was curious though, from all of the information I gathered in all my research (while 95% confident I can handle the job and it be...
  5. Bafrye

    Crack or just missing tiles

    So this was the first year opening the pool ourselves (our second season), we noticed the pool company went through maintenance staff last year and someone new closed the pool. I questioned the water level - hoping it isn’t the cause of the following…. now that I have gotten the pool clear and...
  6. P

    Fixing a crack in skimmer (ABS plastic)

    Hi There is a crack in one of the skimmers and it is leaking. The skimmer from Astral Pool and made from ABS plastic. What would be the material for fixing the crack? Some sort of epoxy putty? How about a sort of fiberfix tape? Silicone sealant?
  7. thephatp

    Cracks / Leaks at Skimmer

    Our deck has moved and cracked more than I expected. I noticed a few months back that there was a crack in the side wall near my skimmer, and I can clearly tell it's leaking now. Note that this happened prior to the freeze here in Texas a couple of weeks ago, so it's unrelated to that. While it...
  8. A

    Temporary return line above ground

    Hi! We open my in gorund pool this summer to find the plugs out of the jet and at the bottom of the pool...ugh. When the pump is not running we do not lose any water! When we turn the pump on after about 15 minutes we start seeing water bubbling out of a drainage grate on my pool patio a way...
  9. C

    Built-in Concrete Skimmer Questions (equalizer valve? -- cement crack? -- vacuum?)

    Bought a house in San Jose CA a few months ago with an inground pool. Not sure when the pool was built, but house was built in 1957. Pool was replastered 1-2 years ago. So I’m new to pool ownership and maintenance and trying to learn as I go along. The skimmer didn’t seem to be working well...
  10. A

    Urgent, please help - Structural Cracks

    We just bought a house with a pool. We've only lived here six months and a while ago, about 2 months, we noticed two cracks. With the rainy weather and the holidays it took a long time to get someone out to test them. They are structural cracks in the concrete shell and we are working with a...
  11. J

    Plaster Cracking

    Hi all, I opened my pool for the season and noticed that there are many long, hairline cracks developing in the area of my spa where the bench meets the wall. I've attached a pic so you can see what I mean. I follow the TFP methods and (at least think that I) really take care of the pool and...