1. Briant2468

    Exercise ball instead of Air Pillow????

    I can’t find a Air Pillow that has good reviews, they all say they deflate. Can I use a heavy duty Exercise ball instead?? Or can you recommend a good Air Pillow?
  2. B

    Slatted cover stuck

    Hi New to the forum. We have just moved into a house with a pool. Which was great until the salted cover managed to get stuck half way. The motor moves it about a foot backwards or forwards before stopping. It is an in pool slatted cover. While I can't see it looks ti me as if it hasn't...
  3. andysousa

    Help getting loop lock out of cement!

    Hi gang, Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I had a stripped loop lock in the cement and I am desperately trying to get it out without destroying the cement. I have drilled it to some extent but gave up until I get better advice. Here is a pick of what I am working with right now. I...
  4. J

    Safety cover on an above ground pool questions/advice.

    We replaced our 18'x33' (48" or 52" depth) above ground pool this spring with a new 54" deep pool. The previous pool seemed pretty old, came with the house (we've had it 3 years) and to make a long story short… the side blew out over the winter. 1.) Is this safety cover ok to be installed on...
  5. J

    Going away, SWG and suspect algea outbreak

    Hi, I'm a new pool owner, pool was filled about 5 weeks ago. Up until last week I was manually adding dichlor and dry acid to keep the pool balanced, and didn't have any issues. Last week I added salt to 4000 ppm in preparation for the installation of a SWG, after adding the salt I had issues...
  6. E

    SLAM; Solar Cover

    New to pool care. I just started SLAM. I have a brand new, still in box, blue 8 year solar cover. Do I leave it off for the duration of SLAM or is it safe to put it on?
  7. K

    covering pool during swim season while gone on vacation

    we have an 18x9 4500 gallon above ground soft side. going away for 8weeks this summer. plan to cover with the vinyl tie down cover. and tips and tricks to make every thing go well? ie, fill pool, how long to run filter daily? any info would be very helpful.. thx