1. JessB412

    Concrete coping- expectations too high?

    My concrete coping is incredibly rough - Any way to smooth it out so it doesn’t tear us up next summer? Also, is it normal to have cracks on a brand new pour? It did have fiber mesh but it was a large pour deck 12ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft around 18x36 pool. Over 1500 sq ft. Of course contractor is...
  2. K

    Coping gap cover for older spartan pool

    Just replace liner and painted coping on my 16x32 Spartan inground pool. Need to get the cover strips that cover the gap between sections of coping and cant find then anywhere. Anyone know someone who carrys them? Attached are pics. Thanks!
  3. J

    Painting pool coping?

    Has anyone ever painted their pool coping? Mine is looking a little on the dingy side as its old concrete. I plan on painting the deck and scrubbing and power washing the coping part but a, wondering if it will look better if I either paint the coping a different color or the same color as the...
  4. I

    Coping and decking replacement

    Hello, Purchased a home in 2016 with a 16x32 pool that our pool company stated was probably built late 70s. So the coping is wide like what would be on an above ground pool which they no longer make I guess so we cannot replace the existing and also our concrete decking is caving inward...
  5. C

    Coping help for a newbie

    Bought a house in Massachusetts in the fall with a pool. Older liner and coping, but trying to not replace it for at least another few years. Have never owned a pool but always wanted one. Really can't find any info on how to potentially fix this one piece of coping that's popped. Any...
  6. B

    Lueders Limestone Coping - Does this look right?

    We are on month 9 of our pool build and there's one last issue of concern. The builder used buff Lueders limestone coping. The coping was installed months ago. When the weather warmed up and the construction started to approach completion, we noticed many flaws in the coping--crumbling...