1. S

    Patio/Fiberglass Pool Project on Grade

    Hi Everyone! This is my first real post. We're located in Central Indiana and are building a pool and patio space for our home. We've had a design made that includes a fire pit area and hot tub area, but we are going to hold on adding those two components for the future. Some basic details...
  2. P

    Wood post near poolside

    Hi, I am pretty new with taking care of my pool and this site has helped a lot. I got the water all good and balanced thank you all for your helpful posts and comments. Now my mother wants me to build some kind of shade structure near the pool. The entire backyard is concrete so I would need...
  3. MikeFL

    Construction started 2/3/20

    Perimeter was framed out Monday, dig and re bar Tue - Thursday, Construction Friday, Shooting Gunite right now (Saturday).
  4. C

    Shell All 1 Pour or 2 Stages??

    Hey everyone, Pool builder swears by pouring the bottom one day then the walls the following day to get rid of Gunite rebound... Does this make sense? I’ve always thought monolithic pours with concrete, etc was always best Wouldn’t that be a giant cold joint around the walls/bottom?
  5. A

    New Inground Vinyl Liner Pool! Liner going in, almost done!

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forum and am very thankful for all the knowledge I have gained going through threads :). I’ll be documenting our pool build to share the fun! Details- General design picture attached. 18x40 Vinyl Liner Rectangle Pool 8ft deep end Diving Board Steps all the way...
  6. S

    Opinions Welcomed (Updated)NC PB Quote w/ Design Photos

    Hello, I’ve been receiving quotes for 18x36’ Mnt Lake vinyl pool. Below is from a builder we trust, and they are the only ones to actually give us a design (other just spoke construction). Which actually is close to what we want in our yard. Not much detail in regards to equipment (Hayward)...
  7. D

    New AGP on the way - plenty of questions

    I hope we did alright with this order. We ordered: 24'x48" Hampton round Hayward S180T with 1.5HP Power-Flo Pump Confer curve pool step Foam cove Floor pad Hayward CL200 in line chlorinator Aquabot pool rover plus robotic automatic pool cleaner LED skimmer face plate light slice valve cleaning...
  8. M

    Concrete pool construction help

    We would like some pool construction advice. We have an in-ground rectangle poured concrete pool. The concrete shell was poured last year. As the floor was very uneven, the contractor made a concrete mix to level the floor which he made 1.75" thick on top of the base slab and he laid down thin...
  9. chadducote


    Hey everyone!!! I am really enjoying this forum. Thank you all for all your help. Heres the big question. First We bought a home with a IG that was several years old, We completely remolded it, took out the plaster, retiled, and new coping around the pool. We also put new lines through out...