1. L

    Endless Pool Used Liner + Concrete Foundation Q's

    Hello all. After reading extensively on this site, I think I have somewhat unique issues due to my pool being an Endless Pool (rectangular, 14 x 7', 42" high). Fyi, the pool is a steel box with no bottom so the liner is directly on the ground like typical AGP's. I purchased the pool used in...
  2. Z

    Anchoring Pool Liner Extrusion - Wood vs Concrete ?

    Hello Everyone, I'm having some masonry repair work done on my IGP walls to support a new liner extrusion. The mason is recommending that he build the wall up an 1.5" higher and avoiding using the PT wood to support the liner extrusion. The pool contractor doing the liner is fine with this...
  3. A

    Ladder for Sloped Pool Walls

    Hi. New to the forum. I moved into a home with an older amoeba shaped concrete inground saltwater pool. I'm guessing 1950's or 60's. At the end of last season, my pool company told me I'd need a new ladder. They recommended and purchased a Saftron Elite 3-Step (resin). When they came to install...
  4. P

    Wood post near poolside

    Hi, I am pretty new with taking care of my pool and this site has helped a lot. I got the water all good and balanced thank you all for your helpful posts and comments. Now my mother wants me to build some kind of shade structure near the pool. The entire backyard is concrete so I would need...
  5. D

    Putting above ground pool on uneven concrete (pavers) How do I cushion?

    What would be the best and affordable thing to put under our pool to cushion the bottom and prevent the un-even paver corners from cutting into it. I live in central Florida so it will need to withstand hot humid conditions. It is a 16 Ft by 48 above ground metal frame structure pool. The...
  6. F

    Gaps in concrete decking around pool - best options to fill them?

    Our pool is fairly old, but seemingly in decent shape. We are a few years minimum from bein able to resurface or do further upgrades and renovations. We moved here 2 years ago, and the concrete deck around the pool is in decent shape, but the grout or similar between pieces has deteriorated and...
  7. JessB412

    Concrete coping- expectations too high?

    My concrete coping is incredibly rough - Any way to smooth it out so it doesn’t tear us up next summer? Also, is it normal to have cracks on a brand new pour? It did have fiber mesh but it was a large pour deck 12ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft around 18x36 pool. Over 1500 sq ft. Of course contractor is...
  8. M

    Pool on existing concrete patio

    I’m looking to place a 10’ intext metal frame/poly on an existing concrete patio. The patio has a slight grade to direct rain away from the house. Suggestions on a way to make a non permanent level surface to place the pool on top of?
  9. D

    Any tips on prepping this surface for paint?

    Quick backstory: This house was purchased three years ago and the 50 year old pool's surface was in disrepair. We hired a local pool installer company who prepped and painted the surface with this: Ramuc Type EP Epoxy Pool Paint. After our second Michigan winter with this paint job, the paint...
  10. C

    Chunk of concrete breaking off raised area

    This goes back over a year ago, so here's a condensed story. Pool was remodeled from plaster to pebble about 11 years ago. Steps, raised bench areas and spa were added at that time. Noticed a crack near spa area bench that slowly got worse. We also began to think we had a leak in the pool...
  11. T

    Replacing liner

    hello all, I am replacing my vinyl liner and the bottom of the pool is concrete not vermiculite. I know this because it's rained and it is holding water. I have read it's fine and good contractors use concrete instead of vermiculite. Regardless the liner I just pulled out was wrinkled like a...
  12. D

    Concrete slab erosion

    We moved into a home that has a 20 year old vinyl pool with a concrete slab encircling it. On one side of the pool the slab ends at a small hill, and there has been some erosion leaving a small gap underneath (about 10 feet long, 1-2 inches thick). I have heard of mudjacking or foam injection...
  13. P

    Buying house with "junk" pool?

    Hello - new to the forum! If this is the wrong place to post please feel free to advise/move. We have an accepted offer on a home we love. It was built in 1936 and has an in ground concrete pool. We have received MINIMAL information on this pool. We know it has not been opened in three years...