concrete base

  1. asliboogie

    Noob questions for Costco Bestway Pool

    We just purchased the Costco Bestway Power Steel 22' x 12' x 48" Above Ground Pool Set. It will arrive this week. We have never owned a pool and I would truly appreciate if you can help me with some questions I have. 1- The location we will put the pool is concrete. But there are gaps between...
  2. RalphD12

    What I'll never do with above ground pool

    This may just be me, I'm sure I'll have some who disagree and others who agree. But here's what I learned. I first built my AG pool in July, 2016 and had to rebuild it in August, 2019. Because of something I learned, and never ever... NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I EVER AGAIN build an AG pool directly...