cloudy water

  1. M

    Help with cloudy pool

    First summer in our new home with a pool. We have the tf-100 kit. Have been using the pool math app and following on here. Things have been pretty good until the last week. 25K gallon vinyl liner, Hayward t9 salt cell. Salt is 3200, TA, which we’ve been fighting all summer, is at an all time low...
  2. SorryImaNewb123

    Cloud pool water, dirt or algae?

    Hello pool experts. For the last week or so our pool has been a cloudy, possibly from some hard rains we have had recently. I added some Clorox Clarifier/Flocculant yesterday ( and today things seemed to clear up pretty good as everything was now sitting on the pool...
  3. Mrspage8733


    I need help. We have a 23,500 gallon in ground pool. We do not have a cover for the pool so during the winter it gets all kind of stuff in it. Last year I was able to get it all cleared up and we were able to swim in it. This year however.. I have been slamming for almost a month. CC is 0.5 or...
  4. W

    Cloudy water

    New here. This is our fourth year with the pool, but this has been the most challenging year ever to get it clean and clear. We don't know what the heck is going on. I think we got behind on chlorine and are playing catch up. The pool has been cloudy with some green tint since opening it...
  5. Srbinette

    Pool is still cloudy after 9 days of continuous shocking and filtering

    Pool was very green upon start up and we had a little trouble with the pump system. Everything seems to be running now. I have been shocking the pool quiet often. I’ve gone through roughly 32 gallons of shock. Filter has been running continuously for 9 days. We have a Hayward sand filter with...
  6. M

    ETA: I think it’s a filter issue. Will know more tomorrow. Moderators feel free to delete thread. Thanks.

    Hi, SWG, floor cleaning system, intellichor pump, 27000 gallons inground, in the woods, sun morning, afternoon shade. Maryland. Running SWG at 60% for 10 hours a day. Water looking amazing. Ph was high, CYA low. PH 7.9 FC 5.0. TA 100 CH 300 CYA 0 80 °F Chlorine was a bit high for my tastes...
  7. L

    Cloudy Water

    Hi All, I have a 32k inground with a pool heater. I just got my TF100 kit and the results are: FC-4.5 CC-3.0 PH-7.2 TA-170 CH-550 CYA-35 CSI ?- -0.02 I am not losing chlorine overnight but the water is still not that clear. I can see the bottom but it's not clear. Would the high TA cause this?
  8. DocEric

    Cloudy Water

    So I closed my pool myself (following TFP guidance!) last fall and opened it myself this spring. I used a standard closing kit in the fall and didn’t use any special chemicals this spring other than slamming it. it’s been hard this spring to get the water to clear. It’s been cloudy and I...
  9. R

    Green pool!!!!!

    let me start by saying I have 34 years in the industry and I have one pool that no one can figure out. This pool was opened this year in May. It has stayed green since. The 4th of July was the only day it was clear and blue. 2 days again. The pool is super cloudy, can't see the...
  10. C

    Slam 10 days and the water is still very cloudy

    First let me say I’m fighting a very high TA water source. 330ppm. We had some equipment failure in October and had to shut the pool down and couldn’t afford the equipment because of medical reasons. So at the beginning of May I started cleaning the pool. I have used a water hose vac and...
  11. Y

    Is SLAM Process Complete?

    Hi. I'm new to pool ownership. We bought our house last summer and I kept up maintenance of the pool all summer long according to information I found on this site (thanks alot!). I decided to forgo the pool maintenance over the winter since we weren't using the pool and would just clean it up...