1. Gary Davis

    At what water TEMPERATURE do you decide to close your pool (and can algae grow at that temperature without chlorine)?

    I tend to not formally close my uncovered outdoor plaster pool since it doesn't freeze where I live, but at a late-in-the-day water temperature high of around 60 degrees F (15 C) it's currently too cold for me to swim in (this temperature point occurring around November 1st each year). If I...
  2. Z

    Do I need to clean before I close?

    Do I need to clean before I close? AGP, details in signature. I've fallen into some bad habits lately, and had a vacation, and let things go. The pool is a mess. It's not like HORRID stuff, but it's green and the water level is low from evaporation (I'd need to add water to run the pump)...
  3. dBsooner

    First Winter - Questions About Closing

    Hello fellow TFP members! The wife and I picked up a used Intex 18' Ultra XTR AGP back in July from someone in our neighborhood that was moving. I spent a fair amount of time cleaning it up. It was absolutely disgusting when we went to pick it up. There were literally tiny fish / tadpoles living...
  4. R

    Noodles and bottles in the skimmer for closing effective?

    Hi All, As I prepare for my first closing on my own, I've been reading up on what to put in my skimmer. My PB closed the pool last year and used these 16ish inch Skim Insure gizmo-like tubes ( They worked well (you can...
  5. stretchphoto

    Nervous about closing for myself - first time

    Hi, everyone. I've watched the video on closing and read the wiki, and the "concept of closing an in ground swimming pool" thread. Most of what's in that thread is Greek to me, and there are so many variables I don't know where to begin to figure it out. So I'm not certain I should do it...
  6. S

    Closing Inground Pool Questions

    Hi all, first year pool owner and first time closing myself. I've had a rough end of summer for my pool chemistry and am wondering if it's worth it to fix before closing. I have a mesh cover, so my thought process was that even if I balanced it now, I might still open green and have to spend...
  7. N

    My first closing…advice please

    Location… Northeast Pennsylvania —i have a 20’x40’ vinyl lined pool, most calculators say about 35k gallons —2 jet returns and 2 wall skimmers in the pool — see the below photos of my filter set up and cover type I moved into this house on August 1 and this is my first home with a pool. Pretty...
  8. 6

    Practice Run - Blowing out pipes - can't seem to airlock main drain

    Hi All! Long time lurker and first time pool owner here (inherited a pool built in 2006 by the prior). Location is northeast. My first pool season has been pretty smooth, mainly thanks to the advice here and following the TFP method. The weather in the north east is still a bit too warm to...
  9. D

    What to do with pool in freezing IA winter?

    New pool owner here. I have a Bestway ABG vinyl pool, 24 ft. With summer coming to an end here in IA soon, I am now wondering what to do in winter with it? I really do not want to take it down and put it away. I'd rather not drain 13k gallons of water if it can be helped. I'm looking for best...
  10. goody222

    Close Pool with Solid Cover but leave freeze protect on (Hybrid closing)

    I’m curious what you think about a hybrid closing I’m thinking about: For 2 winters (in Virginia), I’ve left the pool open all winter. However, I spend more time maintaining it in the winter than I do in the summer = Constantly scooping out twigs & decomposed leaves, empty skimmers, run...
  11. Briant2468

    Exercise ball instead of Air Pillow????

    I can’t find a Air Pillow that has good reviews, they all say they deflate. Can I use a heavy duty Exercise ball instead?? Or can you recommend a good Air Pillow?