1. 6

    Practice Run - Blowing out pipes - can't seem to airlock main drain

    Hi All! Long time lurker and first time pool owner here (inherited a pool built in 2006 by the prior). Location is northeast. My first pool season has been pretty smooth, mainly thanks to the advice here and following the TFP method. The weather in the north east is still a bit too warm to...
  2. D

    What to do with pool in freezing IA winter?

    New pool owner here. I have a Bestway ABG vinyl pool, 24 ft. With summer coming to an end here in IA soon, I am now wondering what to do in winter with it? I really do not want to take it down and put it away. I'd rather not drain 13k gallons of water if it can be helped. I'm looking for best...
  3. goody222

    Close Pool with Solid Cover but leave freeze protect on (Hybrid closing)

    I’m curious what you think about a hybrid closing I’m thinking about: For 2 winters (in Virginia), I’ve left the pool open all winter. However, I spend more time maintaining it in the winter than I do in the summer = Constantly scooping out twigs & decomposed leaves, empty skimmers, run...
  4. Briant2468

    Exercise ball instead of Air Pillow????

    I can’t find a Air Pillow that has good reviews, they all say they deflate. Can I use a heavy duty Exercise ball instead?? Or can you recommend a good Air Pillow?