1. CombatVet13

    Clogged Suction line!

    Hey folks! So my suction line is clogged thanks to all the lovely mesquite trees around me. I should have had a leaf canister on my line. Well I just ordered one. Anywho, I need to get my line unclogged. The pool guy who was here suggested getting my “ line blown” with air. They do bot do that...
  2. K

    Clogged skimmer line, out of ideas.

    HI y’all! Long time lurker and have found lot of help from this forum. Been running my pool for few years now with the instructors from here and had no issues with the pool. Never have to shock the pool, just make sure chemicals are just right. Thanks in advance for the help! Now having said...
  3. G

    Very low pressure at DE filter

    My pool DE filter suddenly has only 5 lbs of pressure when it is usually at 20-25 depending on how recent I back washed. I tried moving the pump in waste mode and backwash mode and the water trickles out of the waste conduit. We did get a sudden abundance of l;eaves in the pool this week as our...