circupool rj+

  1. hbg16

    Switching to SWG - Need Help with "Which One"

    Hi, I am new to TFP and was hoping I could get some help making sure I make the right choice in selecting a SWG. I am one that over researches to a point of being back to square 1 with way too much information. That said I am look to switch to a SWG and below is some information about my pool...
  2. H

    Circupool RJ

    Hello I was wondering how many of you mounted your Circupool RJ or SJ exposes to direct rain? They are recommending covering it and keeping it out of direct exposure. ... I am considering the Pureline Crystal Pure because they said it doesn’t have to be protected from it at all
  3. planoattorney

    Help Choosing SWG

    Every year I say this is the year I convert to salt - this time I really mean it. LOL I looked here for feedback, opinions, etc. on what I should consider (i.e. what is best) and the general consensus seems to be all the major players are good / best in their own way. With that in mind, I...