1. D

    FC won’t go up

    Hello all, let me preface this by saying I’m using test strips right now and some data from my local pool store. I know I’ll need to get a proper kit soon. I haven’t been able to get my FC levels up, they were showing 0.3 ppm when I tested at the pool store and I had combined chlorine of about...
  2. Chemingway4

    New to TFP (Kind of) Question about CH after Pool Refill (pool store didn't want to sale me anything!) and daily Chlorine loss

    I recently drained and filled my pool (3 weeks ago). The CH reading is 80ppm. I know that's low, but when I went to the pool store to get supplies, I was told not to worry about the CH as it would slowly rise over time. I thought it was odd that they didn't want to sale me anything, so I left...
  3. Rackel

    Chemistry Tests Look a SLAM required?

    We had our IG pool resurfaced in December and chemistry was balanced immediately after by our pool guy. I took over maintenance after a few weeks and was simply brushing, vacuuming, monitoring chlorine and pH levels until a couple of weeks ago. We had zero CYA because of the new water, so I...