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    PPM Bromine Decay Daily?

    I have a new 450 gallon hot tub and have been measuring how much Bromine levels drop when not being influenced through the additions of tabs or concentrate. It looks like my hot tub loses about 10 or more ppm per day without anyone swimming in the tub. My typical use is to keep the tub at...
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    How to Measure Sodium Bromide?

    How does one measure the amount of Sodium Bromide (Bromide Reserve) in a hot tub? I see all the usual drop and strip tests for Bromine, but nothing yet for reserve Sodium Bromide. What I do see is when my Bromine levels are testing low and then I oxidize with MPS, the bromine measure increases...
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    OTO Test started at 4, then turned dark orange. High CCs?

    I've looked around this forum for a while, but this is my first post. The pool runs on bromine. The sun breaks down the bromine rapidly, so this morning I put 2 trichlor tablets in the chlorinator to try to use less chlorine bleach. My understanding is the chlorine activates the bromide. This...