1. K

    Something isn't right, what am I missing

    My spa is about 2 years old. I was recently having trouble maintaining a chlorine level so I purchased Ahh-some and used it twice. Lots of foam but just a little biofilm. I drained and refilled it. Added calcium chloride to get CH to 140. Added baking soda to get TA to 70 which increased Ph...
  2. Gary Davis

    Where to buy 99.9% ortho boric acid powder H3BO3 in ~50 pound bags or ~55 pound pails & what's a good price per pound for the borates?

    Where to buy 99.9% ortho boric acid powder/granules H3BO3 in ~50 pound bags or ~55 pound pails and what's a good price per pound? First, I searched, and found plenty of threads on the what, when, where and how, but, surprisingly - none on the who & at what price. Borates - Why and How So you...
  3. Norwalkgirl

    Winter closing with borates

    This will be my first year winterizing a pool. I have kept my pool crystal clear all year using liquid chlorine and the occasional muratic acid. My pool also has about 30 ppm of borates in it. My question is when closing for cold Ohio winters should I add anything to keep the algae away or will...
  4. A

    Any HexaBorate alternatives on the market?

    I had great success using PoolProof Hexaborate Water Harmonizer. But when the pandemic hit, I can’t find it anywhere. I think the plant burned down. Does anyone have recommendations for an in-stock harmonizer?
  5. ye olde salt

    Borates & Bees

    So, I've followed the TFP directions for adding borates to U.S.S My Pool. I'm very pleased with the results so far. But, gosh, those Taylor test strips are hard to read. I consider myself pretty good at distinguishing hues, but the indicator does not color uniformly and the 50 and 75 are hard to...
  6. Fbskiracer

    Adjusting TA/pH with Borate

    I added borates to the pool last year and while the TA was a little low, when I opened it this year it was super low. I was pretty happy and everyhting was stable. When I opened this week, after 3 days of filtering with shock, the water is crystal clear. I just wanted to double check before...
  7. Sam8407

    Boric Acid. Any local options for purchasing?

    Hi all, I promise I’ve searched the threads for this question before posting. I am trying to figure out where to start looking for boric acid that I can physically purchase rather than ordering online. Even if I have to pay a few extra bucks. I’ve tried the big box stores, Home Depot, Lowes...
  8. SaltyBHouston

    Boric Acid Timing & Storage Questions

    Hello all, pebble pool completed in January 2022, is there any reason not to add Borates this soon? Is there an optimum timeframe or temperature threshold I should wait for? Additionally, can I store granular boric acid, CYA, calcium chloride and salt outside in the same deck box?
  9. S

    Acid Demand Higher After Adding Borates - Normal?

    Hi All, Prior to adding 50ppm of borates to my pool (I used boric acid from Duda Diesel), I had very high pH. This was probably due to my SWG and spillover spa. However, the acid demand was always quite low. Sometimes a single drop would take that sample (K-2006) from a fairly dark red back...
  10. matthewsunshineflorida

    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    TLDR: pH rises from 7.2 to 8.0 in 60 hours, but @JoyfulNoise said he is able to go 10-14 days without adding acid due to proper TA and Borates. I'm wondering if I should lower my TA a bit, increase my CYA a bit, and add borates? Hey all, so appreciate your help both directly and indirectly...
  11. D

    Aeration not working.

    I had a few questions for you guys. I read that aeration will help bring up PH if Using MA to drop it in regards to controlling alkalinity. So... I used a fireplace brick, cleaned it heavily, and tied an air chuck to it and ran the compressor to try to aerate the water to bring PH up. I've tried...
  12. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Hi! I've decided I want borates and have some questions. In one thread it says balance first. (My levels are low except chlorine) In another thread it says lower pH and alkalinity because the boric acid will raise it. Which is correct? I'll order 30# of granules from Duda. 15k pool Ch 4 Ph...
  13. I

    2 For 1: Chlorine & Borate Questions

    Fire and foremost - the TFP forum has been so helpful to me since buying my home last year with my first pool that I am considering changing my username to something that more accurately reflects my transformation from "clueless" to "almost have a basic idea of what I am doing". With that said...
  14. MyAZPool

    Calcium Hardness decreasing

    Marty Question for you sir if you wouldn't mind. So CH is gradually decreasing ever since I converted to soft water (nearly a year ago). So far, so good. Just what I wanted to happen. However, my CH is now at 400ppm and there is no doubt that it will continue it's downward trend over time. With...
  15. D

    Borax question

    Hi there First post for me, all the way from little 'ol New Zealand. First thanks for the great site - it has been really helpful while I get to grips with my new hot tub over the last month or so. The dealership I bought the tub from here promote an incredibly blunt approach to managing your...
  16. B

    Aeration raising PH

    Hello, new to the forum and I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this question. I understand aeration increases PH but I recently added Borates to 50ppm. Will my spill over and waterfalls still continue to raise PH? Thank you! Tested today: FC 3 CC 0 PH 7.4 ALK 90 CH 400 CYA 35...
  17. F

    Board Defense

    I am about to refill my pool, so I picked up a 50 lb bag of boric acid at a local industrial chemical supply company (for $50) and a very friendly manager there was curious what I was using it for. When I explained it was to add borates to my pool, he was really interested and mentioned a...