1. JediKnight

    First Timer needs help balancing AB pool

    I'm learning about pools for the first time while we are living with and helping my grandparents. They have a 16' Intex pool that is buried 2 feet into the ground. My Nana has been back and forth from the pool store and they keep selling her things, we add the instructed chemicals and then...
  2. J

    High FC Loss during daytime

    Hello all, It's my second season of owning a pool and first season following the TFP method. So far everything has been going pretty well, everything is balanced, but the issue I'm running into is high levels of FC loss during the daytime. Below are my current test results: PH: 7.5 ALK...
  3. B

    First time using this method opening pool

    In the middle of last season I bought a TF-100 kit and started using it. So I'm still new to all of this. We just opened the pool yesterday. Uncovered tarp (Put on in March to help with pollen) and mesh pool cover. Water was clear (you can see the bottom), but light debris on bottom. We...