baking soda

  1. R

    Low TA, continually rising pH

    Hi all, 15k gallon non-salt water pool. My TA was low 4 weeks ago (30) so I added 16lbs of baking soda. The pH kept rising to 8+ super fast after that so I kept adding muriatic acid to bring it back down. Today I tested my TA again and it's only 47, so I added 4lbs baking soda. My pH is rising...
  2. Holbrookfaith

    Calcium chloride / alkalinity / santizer

    So I need to raise chlorine levels from 2-4, calcium 100-300 and alk 70-100 all else is in range. I got a giant bag of baking soda, calcium chloride, and multiple liquid bleach 10% I assume I start with the liquid bleach since sanitize first, but I thought I needed to get calcium levels right...