1. Dumbledork2007

    So many questions. Drowning and discouraged

    Desperate need of help. I have a couple questions and need all tips u have. Backstory: Few weeks ago we got a new liner. As the pool was filling we saw the water coming out was brown. City water. Not well. Installer said to level the chemistry and run filter 24/7 a few days and we would be...
  2. T

    First time backwashing, did I do it right?

    Hello! I'm a new pool owner of a previously built in ground pool, ~17000 gallons. For the first 2 months we lived in the home, I hired a pool company to help take care of the chemicals and equipment so we could settle in. They cleaned our Hayward DE filter at the end of May/early June. They have...
  3. stretchphoto

    Algae in That Little Window on the Filter

    Hey, folks. Hope everyone is well. Pool is doing awesome here in central Illinois. Can’t thank you enough for liberating me from the tyranny of the pool-industrial complex. Question: The little glass window on the pool filter is filled with green stuff… algae, I imagine. I don’t...
  4. A

    Air Lock on filter when backwashing

    I am new to this forum but I am having a weird issue that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. We have a retaining wall that holds up our back yard and it was a railroad tie retaining wall, we had it replaced with blocks. When the contractors did that, they ran a PVC pipe the whole...
  5. A

    Permanent Backwash Piping?

    I've owned my pool for a few years now and finally now converting to the TFP method. My question is in regards to this backwash pipe that's in-ground. It's right in the middle of my backyard, so when I drain or backwash it floods my yard (and the neighbors). I am wondering if there is any sort...
  6. S

    Hello from Michigan… issues with pool sand filter backwashing

    Hi everyone. I am a new pool owner after buying my first house. I figured I’d enjoy pool care more than yard work so I picked a small home with an inground pool. I started doing a lot of research and have ended up on this site many times and finally decided to register haha. Thanks for the help...
  7. P

    SLAM - Backwashing hourly?

    Hello, I opened my pool on Monday and was treated to a green mess. I brought up my CYA to 30 from 0 and maintained a FC level of 12, checking every 3 hours. After about 24 hours, the pool turned blue, but even now, 6 days later, it is still very cloudy. I have a very oversized DE filter for my...
  8. P

    Need help on how to perform backwash on sand filter

    Hi, Just moved into this house in Spain. We are having a heck of a time getting someone to service our pool. So I have decided to educate myself. I started with the university of youtube and how to back wash seemed like a breeze, but then I saw our setup is very different from the videos I saw...
  9. C

    Flat backwash hose for intex sand pump

    I have a 2800 gph Intex sand pump. I am trying to start the pool season, and I want to backwash the pump, which I used last year for the first time. I purchase one of the flat 2" hose but I can't seem to fit it on the drain of the pump. It is too tight somehow. I need a good 15 foot minimum...
  10. P

    Poor Backwash Pressure

    Hello all, I'm a CPO at a Pool and Spa company and I recently had a customer inquire about their poor backwash pressure. The individual has an Eco-Kleer filter and pump system approximately 2 years and is now experience significant reduction in water pressure when backwashing (similar to that...
  11. M

    Pentair Triton 4000 backwash (rotary) valve stuck

    Hey all, just bought my first house and pool so trying to get up to speed with maintenance. Wanted to do a backwash but the handle was completely stuck. Used a tire iron to get more leverage and bent the brass handle :-( This is the filter I have: Pentair SMBW 4000 Series D.E. Filter with...
  12. N

    How to change Backwash outlet and salt cell

    I am with American Home Shield and called them when my filter cracked. They sent a vendor out who modified the plumbing to where the backwash outlet is now facing the opposite direction (towards electrical outlets) and mis-threaded the salt cell. I want to know how difficult is it to change...
  13. C

    Spa return draining to pool, water level dropping.

    Howdy! In ground pool with attached spa, at least ten years old, installed by previous homeowners... The attached spa was dropping to the level of the pool water every time the pump shut off and I was "intermittently" losing water from the pool when the pump was running. I looked at the check...
  14. J

    Rinse setting for Hayward 4 way MPV

    I have a Hayward SP0740DE Valve Assembly Selecta-Flo 4-Way Valve for my DE filter. There are 4 settings; 1) filter 2) waste 3) backwash 4) spa or pool boost My question is; there’s no rinse setting....what am I missing? My pool guy gave me the run down several weeks ago on backwashing and it...
  15. Y

    Water leaking out backwash line

    Hi all, I have a salt water pool with a DE filter. Water is leaking into the backwash line in filter mode, and exiting at the wastewater pipe at the front of my house. My pool guy's solution is to "clean the filter" and to install a "ball valve" at the front of the house, where the water is...
  16. Karl103

    Backwashing and pool discharge question - Wake County NC

    Today we had a large amount of rain. The pool water level got pretty high, so I decided to drain to a more acceptable level since more rain expected later this evening. I typically just set my filter to waste and turn the pump on 100%, lay out the backwash hose and just let it rip. As I...
  17. poollizard

    Backwash Valve Replacement

    My slider backwash valve is stuck. So stuck that I can't even turn the handle. So, I am planning on replacing it with a "Pentair 261152 Multiport Valve Kit 2in. Threaded" valve. First, I want to know if this is the right valve for my DE filter: 261152 Pentair Multiport Valve Threaded.jpg -...
  18. T

    Sand filter backwashing question?

    Hi, we moved to our new house about a year ago and learning how to care for the pool. I know it's over due to be backwashed but all the instructions I can find specify the air valve on top of the tank needs to be opened first. I can not find any valves on top of the tank at all! Any help?
  19. J

    Problems after backwash

    I backwashed my pool and added DE this weekend. Now I am having issues with lots of air in the line. The pool pump lost prime only once, but there are a lot of bubbles in the pump and coming out of the jets in the pool.
  20. C

    DE filter - Basic questions

    I have a DE filter that looks more like a cartridge (Pentair ECDE60). Does anyone know how frequent the DE should be backwashed/filter grids cleaned? Everything I read says when the pressure gauge raises 10 PSI above normal, but my gauge is broken. My filter is so BASIC it doesn't have a...