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  1. G

    Concrete lids alternative/replacement?…Any recommendations?

    Concrete lids alternative/replacement?…Any recommendations? Hello! Thanks in advance for any insights on this topic. Our pool builder steered us into concrete lids (custom poured pavers) as a pool cover topper.…however I don’t think they were implemented the best, as they’ve done some...
  2. C

    Track options for Automatic Safety Cover

    Hi all - Looking for some help. We recently installed a 16x36 inground vinyl liner pool, and did not have enough budget to install auto-cover. Builder wanted all-or-nothing commitment during the build, and we couldn't do the 35K auto-cover through his installers. So, coping went on and pool was...
  3. OliviaT

    Remodel: switching automatic pool cover from under-coping to encapsulated track

    In remodeling our 15x50' pool, we're adding a spillway from the new spa on the middle of the long side. The design necessitates switching our pool cover track from being mounted under the coping to an encapsulated track. (Our old track didn't stay in old our coping very well, so this has seemed...
  4. R

    Coverstar Atom installation with Paver Trays

    Does anyone have any photos or experience of what this installation should look like in regards to where and how the tray brackets get connected. I spoke with Coverstar and they told me the brackets actually get screwed into a 12" of concrete that we pour behind the polymer cover housing box...
  5. S

    Cover Pool Shear Pin Hole Missing...

    Brand: Cover Pools Part #: 050239 I could use some help figuring out what happened to the shear pin hole within the pool cover shaft. This is my third season as a pool owner and the automatic pool cover has been the biggest challenge of managing the pool. The shear pin seems to always break...
  6. T

    Pool cover with multiple leaks - tips on repair

    Hello awesome community! My pool cover is 4 years old and has multiple leaks starting this year. There are 2 long fold lines along the cover and all leaks are along these fold lines. The 2 folds basically form an X and right in the center is the biggest leak. Ideally I'd like to repair it but...
  7. R

    Autocover Won’t open

    This happened last year and I had to call service. Any ideas how I can fix this myself?
  8. D

    How to clean underside of automatic pool cover?

    New pool owner. When the cover is rolled back, I can see some dark spots on it. I'm assuming there are other dark spots throughout underside of cover. Is it possible to clean the underside of an automatic pool cover? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  9. N

    Pool Closing in Chicago

    I have a Viking fiberglass 22K gallon pool with gas heat, salt cell, auto cover with 1 skimmer, 2 massage jets, 3 returns, 2 LED lights and 2 deck jets. The minimum pool closing cost here in Chicago is $475, & I’d like to start doing it on my own. After cleaning, balancing & shocking the pool...
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    Atlanta Area New Pool Build