1. M

    iAqualink 2.0 & Jandy VS pump setup to use different speeds at different time etc...

    Hello All, Hope you can help with this one. Trying to help my neighbor setup his iAqualink 2.0 with his Jandy VS Pump and heat pump. I'm having a hard time in the Aqualink programming trying to figure out the following: Pool pump will from from 8am-5pm everyday I want the pump to filter from...
  2. D

    Solar heating speed Jandy aqualink rs

    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to program the aqualink rs to run the variable speed pump at a certain speed when the solar jva is automatically turned on by the aqualink. For example, I run my variable speed pump from 5am to 5pm at 1600 speed. When the outdoor temperature is hot...
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    iAquaLink 2 Device.PNG

  4. iAquaLink 1 Device.PNG

    iAquaLink 1 Device.PNG

  5. E

    Filter Pump Always On!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to TFP, I've been reading some posts but could not solve a current problem I have with my pool. I have a Aqualink RS intalled with PDA (PS4 both on version 3.0) . Thanks to the quarantine I've been looking into the PDA and wanted to make some programs. Apparently filter...
  6. P

    Aqualink can no long start the Ultratemp 120 after replacing swith panel and bezel

    Aqualink RS and an Ultratemp 120 Opened for the season and everything was running fine. Could initiate the heater and have it run with no issues from both the panel in service mode and remotely in auto mode. Realized the up arrow on the Ultratemp was broken so I ordered a just new switch panel...
  7. P

    AquaLink RS8 is turning things on

    My AquaLink RS8 is only programmed to only turn the primary pool pump on. I’ve noticed that’s been turning on other Aux (lights and waterfall) ports. I switched off the power breakers to see if it would reset it, but it’s still doing the same thing. Please help. Thank you!!!
  8. J

    Aqualink RS installing GFCI breakers

    I have a circa 2005 in ground pool with the Jandy Aqualink RS automation system that includes an 8 space sub panel. My pool guy recommended that I upgrade the breakers to GFCI for safety. I currently have two GFCI breakers - the pool light and the landscaping lights. The remaining breakers...
  9. daddydolge


    Hi everyone! I think I screwed up and will try to make the back story as short as possible. I have an AquaLink RSA panel with 2 Jandy JVA2440's to control between the pool and spa. One of the Jandy's were acting up so I took it off and put the handle on the valve so I could manually switch it...
  10. jimmerpro

    Lights will not turn on and mystery at the GFCI outlet by AquaLink RS

    Hi. I’m baffled. The pool lights will not go on. I hear a click in the AquaLink box. The GFCI outlet connected to AquaLink RS doesn’t give electricity to either plug. I replaced it....same issues. Voltage tester showed power. But test button doesn’t work. There is a PX100...