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    Glasscoat vs aquaBright

    Hi, friends! We're having a shotcrete pool built soon and are wondering if any of you can advise on whether we'd be better off having it finished in glasscoat or aquaBright. Please and many thanks! :giggle:
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    Sanity check re. Aquabright pricing

    I’ve read all the posts about AquaBright versus Plaster versus Pebble and am convinced AquaBright is the bee’s knees. I’m hoping for a sanity check re. cost though, and would love members’ sense of whether this looks reasonable for a 82’x12’ pool? For what it’s worth, I’m in Silicon Valley. And...
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    Aquabright or plaster as a resurfacing option?

    We live in Massachusetts, 30k gallon gunite with plaster finish and attached spa, built in the 90's, chlorine chemistry, DE filter, natural gas heater. We have lived here 3 years so we're not sure if/when it has been re-plastered but it is ready for it now. The entire pool feels like you're...