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    Constant Algae Problems Despite High Chlorine Levels

    We are new pool owners of a 6,000 gallon above ground pool and we have been plagued by algae problems since the beginning. We have already drained the pool twice because it seems to be the only way to rid ourselves of the algae. We are running the sand filter (1,500 gallon/hr) Sand Filter Pump)...
  2. R

    Low TA, continually rising pH

    Hi all, 15k gallon non-salt water pool. My TA was low 4 weeks ago (30) so I added 16lbs of baking soda. The pH kept rising to 8+ super fast after that so I kept adding muriatic acid to bring it back down. Today I tested my TA again and it's only 47, so I added 4lbs baking soda. My pH is rising...
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    Ideal alkalinity

    Hi all. I’m a new user to the pool math app and was wondering why the ideal alkalinity levels in the app are so low. Recommended range there is 50-90 and ideal range is 60-80. Most other online resources and pool store tests recommend an 80-120 range. Which range do you recommend following and why?