air bubbles

  1. C

    Filter pump not running with full power

    Good afternoon, my pool filter seems to not be running at full power/efficiency, specially the vacuum. Cleaning the entire system (pool skimmer, motor skimmer, deeply clean each filter pad, and out of service salt chlorine generator) it works a but more efficiently. After this clean up the...
  2. E

    Flow Reduction Adapter Causing Air In Filter Hose

    We just set up our Intex 15’x48” Prism Frame Pool. We upgraded to an Intex 2500GPH cartridge filter. We are also using google an Intex Skimmer. Because of the double intake on this pool the skimmer was not suctioning. Most of the water seemed to be going through the other intake so I put the...
  3. MermaidMama

    Pump bubbles

    Hi everyone!! Would really appreciate any help you can give... My 1.5 hp pump broke yesterday for my 18 foot above ground doughboy pool. I ran out and got a new Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1.5 hp pump. Connected and cannot get the pump to run without bubbles now. I have a 150lb sand filter that ran...