1. R

    AGP Build - Pool Is Up - Drainage Issues

    After hemming and hawing on the pool location we finally settled to push the pool further away from the porch. My neighbor used his backhoe to dig out roughly 34" on the high side. For those who are interested, the installer would have charged $25/inch after 4". I have a 3' perimeter around...
  2. G

    Pavers need if using stone dust?

    Hello, I have an Intex Ultra Frame 32x16. Currently the ground was dug out and leveled. Then there’s roughly six inches of stone dust leveled on top of the soil. Then a compactor was run all over it. Is that surface ok to support the legs or are pavers crucial (I’m tired of digging!)?
  3. T

    Same green start to season

    Hi all! Uncovered my pool I. May and it was almost clear but lots of leaves at the bottom. Winter cover had a rip in it. Filled to skimmer level and began to filter. Life got in the way and a week without attending to pool equals a greenish brown mess. There are so many little seeds, tree...
  4. Structuralfish

    Salt in AGP to help dry skin - will my AGP corrode?

    We are just starting to use our brand new above ground pool and we’ve noticed that our skin is extremely dry. I’ve read multiple posts that adding a little salt up to 1000 ppm can help with the dry skin but my pool is not rated for salt water. The problem is so bad that I’m thinking about...
  5. K

    Best filter for 16x32 AGP

    Hi! We bought a house last summer with a 16x32 AGP and are new to maintaining a pool. We currently have a doughboy silica 2 sand filter and a Hayward Swimpro LX 1.5 hp pump. I have opened the pool but am having issues with the sand filter. It is slowly leaking from the top and waste drain and...
  6. S

    Can I pour concrete "footings" instead of pavers for AGP install under Posts?

    I am getting ready to set up my Coleman 22' x 52" Round Pool. I have had several similar AGP's just progressively keep getting bigger as we need to replace them. This is our 4th one over 12ish years. Made a lot of mistakes over the years and want to do this one as correct as possible. (too...
  7. BabyRooth

    Semi in-ground AGP - First build

    Hey everyone! We have had a 15' round Intex AGP for several years, and finally decided to step it up. It started with a similar sized simple metal frame pool, and like so many, expanded from there. ;) We have taken delivery of this pool: 12x24x54" Signature RTL Oval Pool I have the excavator...
  8. A

    Hello from upstate NY

    Hello everyone! My name is Aleksey. My wife Kim and I were given a second hand Coleman 16’ x 48” above ground pool last summer. We enjoyed every waking moment of it, but being completely unfamiliar with pools, we sure made some mistakes along the way...with plenty more to come...
  9. Nathan8372

    What type of Nut Grass Killer/ Fungicide for AGP?

    Hello, we're preparing to excavate a 2' deep hole for our new AGP. We will be installing the columns on dug-in concrete pavers then laying down fine mason sand then a pad. Does anyone have recommended procedure/product for Nut Grass killer to be used under the sand; or is it not necessary? I was...
  10. Nathan8372

    Liner Change Advice on Partially Buried AGP

    Good Morning,:handwave: We are about to make a decision on an AGP rated for being fully-buried. We plan on only burying it about 24" or so and backfilling with native soil. Looking for opinions/ experiences with liner changes in similar circumstances (leaning towards uni-bead liner). Do you...
  11. Doodls

    Coleman AGP mid setup top rail movement

    Hi everyone, I’ve been waiting until we were all done to show our pictures of our little project. However we’ve run into something we’re not sure and hoping someone may have some insight. We partially built our deck already and just setup the Coleman pool. We’re not sure if we should be...

    Help Seeing This Work

    Good Day Everyone! New user, first post. So please, bear with me. Background; My wife, kids and I are soon to be moving back to our Eastern NC property from Northern VA. We are transitioning from a larger 3500 sqft home to 2000 sqft. Our family has grown and to mitigate the insanity of being so...
  13. R

    Besy way to clean sides and bottom of pool before storing for winter

    Any tips on cleaning the inside sides and bottom of an emptied Intex AGP before putting it away for the winter? Had a slight algae issue this year but got that under control I think, just want to make sure it's extra clean. I already have one of those foam sponge things to scrub, but should I...
  14. K

    Bought pump online, hoses do not fit?

    Greetings! I bought a 1.5 hp replacement pump on Ebay last year (old pump made it through the season), but the hoses do not fit (pump is smaller on outlet and bigger on inlet). What am I missing?
  15. S

    Ground prep new AGP

    I have a question from a DIY standpoint. My 22’ intex died from corrosion in the legs. Grandma decided to buy the kids a new 24’ steel sided 8” rail AGP. My ground is already prepped from earth standpoint from the previous pool, I just had to fix up the extra 2ft. Here’s the question, what...
  16. build34sm.jpg


    vacuum AGP liner install
  17. Cfyfe3199

    Large Deck Extension wrapped around AGP. PICS!

    Hey all, Around the end of March we began a large deck extension project. I live in Rockland County NY, and it's not called Rockland for no reason. Our property is jagged, wet, sloped, and it took 2 months to hammer out the foundation for the house. Lots and lots of rock. So, since I don't have...
  18. D

    Add a second return while constructing pool

    Should I go ahead and add a second return in my 24ft pool while under construction. I know it will be so much easier to do now but I'm just not sure if it's needed. I have read threads about people doing this after they realize they have a circulation problem. I will be hard piping the lines...
  19. D

    Pump/ filter distance from above ground pool

    I am going to start on my pool this weekend. I really don't want the pump right next to the pool. I have a storage building where I'm getting power from about 24ft from the pool. Can I install the Hayward 1.5hp Power-Flo pump with S180T sand filter by the building and pipe over to the pool...
  20. D

    New AGP on the way - plenty of questions

    I hope we did alright with this order. We ordered: 24'x48" Hampton round Hayward S180T with 1.5HP Power-Flo Pump Confer curve pool step Foam cove Floor pad Hayward CL200 in line chlorinator Aquabot pool rover plus robotic automatic pool cleaner LED skimmer face plate light slice valve cleaning...
  21. D

    Mark from Georgia

    Well we did it, we ordered a AGP last week. Last year we were house shopping and made an offer on a house with an IGP but they wouldn't budge on their price. So we ended up with a house and no pool. We have 2 kids that love water so we decided to purchase a pool instead of going on a...
  22. Teald024

    AGP flex hose conversion to hard pipe

    My above ground pool flex hose conversion to hard PVC pipe. Warning, long post... Aqua Leader Elegance AGP 15'x30'x 54", 12k gallons, vinyl liner ... Hayward/SwimPro Voyager pump SW159412STL, 2hp, 2spd, Hayward/Voyager 175sf element filter SW175MDDVPAKS, Installed August 2016 ... Liquid...