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    Installing Aerator Prior Coping

    Hi everyone! I am at the point where I will be installing my travertine coping. I have a question regarding the capped pipe(aerators) that I have currently that’s pointing strait up. The shotcrete guys etched a space for it and my plumber said that I need to set it prior to putting the coping...
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    My $5 Return Jet Aerator

    I've received a lot of useful help from this forum and want to give back a bit. My pool pH keeps dropping weekly and I need to raise pH without touching my already high TA so as a quick fix I've been adding Borax. I reached the 60ppm threshold and needed to start aerating. I looked at the "SPA...
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    Pool Aerator???

    Hey guys, We just bought a house with a pool and it looks to have a spot in the pool for the aerator. However, when we go to the pump and filter area, i see nothing that can turn this feature on. The pump works great, the filter is working, the return jets in the pool are working. Ive tried...
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    Adapter between return outlet and DIY aerator?

    Hello all, I'm looking to build a DIY aerator like this, but how do I find the adapter to connect the plastic piping to the return outlet please? Many thanks for your time!