acid dispenser

  1. K

    I want to add an acid dispenser (IntellipH?) -- please help me order the right things

    My Leslie's guy has pooh-poohed all my previous mentions of ordering an intellipH saying that it's "overkill" for my pool, but unless broski wants to come over to my house and add acid every week for me, I'm done with doing it myself and I want to move forward with getting an acid dispenser...
  2. J

    Arduino Solution for Failed Pentair Intelliph

    I just experienced a failure of a Pentair Intelliph (acid dispenser) control board, and I plan on replacing it with a home-brewed "Arduino" microcontroller-based board. Two diodes, D3 and D4 appeared fried on the native board. I don't know their function, but they may be supplying DC power to...