above ground pool

  1. Slhudd78

    Help! Backfilling in a slope...

  2. A

    Chlorinating and filtering above ground pool

    So our pool is about 9,000 gallons and our filter pump is 2500 gph. How long should we let out filter run and when is the best time? Also should I put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer or floater? And if I use the floater do I take it out of the pool when the filter is off? Sorry for all the...
  3. A

    Above ground pool flooring pad

    We just bought an above ground pool 20x48. And it not one of those permanent ones it’s the ones you can take down every year. So we are going to build it on concrete in my backyard but we do not know what to put under the pool so it doesn’t wear and tear. I would appreciate anyone who has good...
  4. kalypso

    covering pool during swim season while gone on vacation

    we have an 18x9 4500 gallon above ground soft side. going away for 8weeks this summer. plan to cover with the vinyl tie down cover. and tips and tricks to make every thing go well? ie, fill pool, how long to run filter daily? any info would be very helpful.. thx
  5. Rookiegardener

    How did you decide which pool to buy?

    Hello! I am currently shopping for an above ground pool. I have never owned a pool so this is all new to me. I am pretty sure I want a 24 ft round pool. There are a few local stores near me and the closest major pool store would be Watson’s. I am trying to research online, but it seems like all...
  6. MermaidMama

    Please help me! My Pump!

    My pump has worked perfect for 3-4 years. Opened my 18’ above ground pool. All of a sudden I can see bubbles in the pump. When I tried to vacuum the pool (after my roofer ripped my cover and Tina is Darn got in my perfect TFP method pool) the pump was struggling to pull water in and I stopped...