above ground pool

  1. Nathan8372

    'Saltwater' Ready Above Ground Pool Wall

    Hello all! :geek: We just retired our Intex Ultra pool due to the frame rusting into 1,000 pieces and are looking for something more permanent. I installed a SWG in early spring and it didn't take it long to rust the pool apart. We couldn't keep up with the standard chlorine pool and the SWG...
  2. L

    Successful summer with Intex, looking for something larger next year

    Hi folks! We just got done with our first summer as above ground pool owners and had a great time with it! We are looking now to get a larger above ground pool with a better pump. Any recommendations on how to research it/what brands are the best? Thanks!
  3. davecate

    2 bottom cuffs poking at my liner - leak imminent?

    Hey Everyone - Thanks to everyone who takes time to read these and reply - I really appreciate it. Basically - I did not cover the entire perimeter of my pool with my styrofoam molding. A couple of small 3 - 4 inch areas along the perimeter of the pool have no molding, and no sand bank. First...
  4. davecate

    Freshly Installed Liner - lots of wrinkles. Suggestions?

    So I (finally) got my pool up today and started filling it. Not long after I realized, dang it - we really didn't do the best job with the overlap liner. There are lots of wrinkles and in some areas we did not pull the liner over the top very much at all. Is this a sound installation? Is it...
  5. C

    I can feel the pavers inside my pool

    Hi there , We have a 16x8x42 intex prism rectangle pool. I need some advice and tips . We have spent the better part of 2 months or so leveling our ground ... sand ... dug in pavers etc. we built the frame and measureD out the 1 foot all around for the u support so we could then place are...
  6. S

    Fiberglass Above Ground Pool

    Hello, I stumbled upon a YouTube video about fiberglass above ground pool while searching for the above ground pool option for my sloped backyard. https://www.compasspools.com.au/above-ground-pools/ I searched on the internet, but it looks like they are only available in Australia...
  7. R

    Too little sand?

    I have a sand filter that the original paperwork shows it be a #200 capacity. I have put #150 In because I couldn’t find the specs now I have sand coming into the pool looks to be about 3 lbs. I checked all the laterals when I cleaned the old sand out and us great care As I reassembled but now...
  8. M

    Skinner Basket Broken - Again!

    Hey there! We have a new above ground pool with a wide mouth skimmer. The basket has broken 3 times in the last 2.5 weeks. We have a lot of trees and leaves seem to be bogging it down and causing the breaks. We clean it like twice a day and we have a sock. Nothing seems to work. Is there a...
  9. C

    How to know if my soil is level (pics attached )

    Hello , need some help . Putting up above ground pool. intex prism rectangle Pool. We live in So. Ca., We have taken sod off , tilled/cultivated dirt and removed the top layer of dirt to get to Good hard soil . We are trying to figure out if it’s level but we have tried a string level and the...
  10. T

    How do I drain my pool

    My boyfriend and I tried to set up our AGP ourselves and it’s not level :( we have to take the whole thing down to get the ground level. Fortunately, I found someone to level the ground since we obviously don’t know what we’re doing. The guy whose doing it wants us to drain the pool(~5700...
  11. S

    Sand for base of pool

    Hello, new here! I recently had my yard excavated for a 18 ft round summer wave wicker pool. Now that the ground is leveled, I wanted to know the average amount of sand that would be needed. I contacted my local landscaping company and purchased 4 tons of sand. Is that enough?
  12. merry709

    Pool wall bowing out on new round pool.... ?

    Hi! We just finished installing a new 24’ x 54” Wilbar Ventura above ground pool. We worked diligently to get the details perfect. Redoing some steps to ensure near perfect level and perfect round. Everything looked great until we the water level got to around 3/4 of the way full...
  13. S

    To install the best above ground pool

    About myself.... new to pool. Going with above pool as my backyard is in a slope and I planning to build a retaining wall with height 51 inches. My goal is to make it appear in ground when you look from patio. I am looking for heavy duty long lasting perfect rectangle lowest size above ground...
  14. DeRooZoo

    The Importance of Being Level

    Going to post this here in the hopes of preventing someone else to run into the issue we had with our setup. Not an issue with the pool, but an issue with how we interpreted the instructions. In other words, don't be rushed and make mistakes like we did. We got a 9x18 above ground metal frame...
  15. L

    Skimmer hole was cut too big HELP!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here since I just discovered the site. My husband and I have been abg pool owners for about 4 years now. We just got a new pool from Royal Swimming Pools since our last one was damaged over the winter. WE got it mostly set it up this past weekend but the...
  16. S

    Removal of Baby Powder from Outside of Pool

    Does anyone know how to remove baby powder residue from the outside of an Intex pool? Filter was able to remove anything on the inside but the baby powder outside will not wipe off. Tried both a hose and a wet towel.
  17. 27kimbrown

    Pool Heater Above Ground Salt Water pool

    #1 Hi, Been doing some research and we are looking to add a POOL HEATER to our pool we have- we live in Nebraska and have cool spring and Cool fall weather we are looking to extended the seasons This is our pool • 15'x30'x54" Saltwater LX Resin Oval Pool above ground pool AquaPro 190 SQ. FT...
  18. MermaidMama

    Pump bubbles

    Hi everyone!! Would really appreciate any help you can give... My 1.5 hp pump broke yesterday for my 18 foot above ground doughboy pool. I ran out and got a new Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1.5 hp pump. Connected and cannot get the pump to run without bubbles now. I have a 150lb sand filter that ran...
  19. NE Surfer

    Rocks in the Base

    Hi, I’ve been digging down to get a level area to set a 24 foot round above ground pool. All the sod is removed and I’m in the soil that’s underneath the topsoil. My question is, what size rocks are acceptable to be underneath the2-3” layer of sand? I have a lot of 1 to 1 1/2 inch diameter...
  20. M

    New Pool Owner - Setting up Summer Waves Above Ground Pool

    Hey everyone, I'm a new pool owner getting ready to setup my first above ground pool. We bought a summer waves 14x48 metal frame pool (in the light wicker print pattern - not that it matters). As a side note, it seems like this particular pool may not be a common model. The 14x48 size with the...
  21. K

    Tips and Tricks to keeping our water clear and our pool in great shape!

    Hello all! I appreciate your input on helping us maintain our 12' Bestway above ground pool with filter pump maintained all Summer long! This is our FIRST experience with pools of any kind and I'm not naïve enough to think we fill it with a hose and call it a day.. I want to maintain it...
  22. RalphD12

    What I'll never do with above ground pool

    This may just be me, I'm sure I'll have some who disagree and others who agree. But here's what I learned. I first built my AG pool in July, 2016 and had to rebuild it in August, 2019. Because of something I learned, and never ever... NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I EVER AGAIN build an AG pool directly...
  23. M

    Walls caving in

    We had a bad storm which caused a gush of water to go under our deck and push our pool walls in. Two companies have told us to take the pool down and let them build a new one, which would cost upwards of $6,000. Does anyone have ideas that we could possibly do to just get these walls back...
  24. D

    Putting above ground pool on uneven concrete (pavers) How do I cushion?

    What would be the best and affordable thing to put under our pool to cushion the bottom and prevent the un-even paver corners from cutting into it. I live in central Florida so it will need to withstand hot humid conditions. It is a 16 Ft by 48 above ground metal frame structure pool. The...
  25. S

    Looking for Above-ground Winter Cover with Better Overhang

    Hello, I have an 18x33 above-ground pool. The winter cover that came with the pool is just barely big enough to cover the pool. It has very little overhang, and getting it to stay in place during the winter is a challenge, especially if any water is taken out of the pool beforehand. I have...
  26. T

    Intex Pool Vacuum Keeps Stopping

    I just recently bought the intex pool vacuum for my intex 12x24 above ground pool but it keeps stopping after only 5 mins of running. I don't have any wrinkles in the liner that it would be getting stuck on. My sand filter flow rate is 2,100 GPH. I also have the intex skimmer that attaches to...
  27. RLinger

    Question for users of the DIY solar cover reel

    I was following this thread DIY Pool cover reel Very interesting thread! We have a 30' above ground pool, and I have had a great heavy duty 4" dia. reel that worked great for almost 15 seasons. Towards the end of last season it finally broke, pretty much in the center of the span. I had the...
  28. W

    Above ground Built into slope... am I DOOMED?

    Hello, Soon to be pool owner. Excavation is tomorrow and install is shortly after that. Site has to be dug 20” to be level so it’s not as crazy as other stuff I’ve heard and read on here. I’m just worried about water collecting around it and ruining my pool. Basically what measures I...
  29. farmall.dude

    New Pool losing water (I think)

    Hi Forum! We just finished filling our brand-new 15X30 Above Ground, Aquasport Vision 52" pool on July 31st. It seems like it's losing water... First, some background and details about the pool. We live in Michigan, just so you know the climate. More on that later. We bought our pool in May...
  30. R

    New pool owner

    Ok so just to start I would like to say hind site is 20/20 but here we are. I was “talked into” buying a minimum maintenance pool by salesman. I have a 24ft x 52 in round above ground pool with inline power ionizer and printed vinyl liner. I was instructed to run the pentair sand pump about 12...