30' dia.

  1. D

    FeherGuard Premium 30' Solar Cover Reel (IG30M) Review

    We have a 30’ above ground pool. I just bought a heater so now I need to make sure I’m covering the pool when not in use. I was looking at the FeherGuard Premium 30' Solar Cover Reel (IG30M). I don’t really have many other options, but before I spend the money I was hoping to see some reviews of...
  2. RLinger

    Question for users of the DIY solar cover reel

    I was following this thread DIY Pool cover reel Very interesting thread! We have a 30' above ground pool, and I have had a great heavy duty 4" dia. reel that worked great for almost 15 seasons. Towards the end of last season it finally broke, pretty much in the center of the span. I had the...