2 speed pump wiring

  1. thephatp

    EasyTouch 8 (ET8, or even ET4) Wiring Help

    I need help understanding how the EasyTouch8 is configured/meant to work. I figured this made sense to be in a new thread, so notifying @GDN or @bdavis466, since this is in relation to a post/diagram from them. Goal: To provide load to an available AUX relay ONLY when the mail pump is on...
  2. B

    help wiring a 2 speed 230v flowxtreme 48s II without a timer

    I have just purchased a Flowxtreme 48s II 2 speed pump and needing help wiring it to the exiting 3 position SPDT switch. I currently have no timer. If anyone can help thanks. Also if anyone can help with an in expensive timer that can also control the power to a intel chlorinator IC15 and the...
  3. M

    Hayward Super Pump 2 speed wiring to Aquaplus SWG

    Hoping this is an easy one, I think i have it figured out, but would like confirmation. I'm hooking up a Hayward Super Pump 2 speed to the Hayward Aquaplus SWG. I've tried several configurations, by accident mostly. On the aquaplus side I have a 220v dual pole gfci breaker, and 2 relays -...