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    Jandy Power Center Transformer Replacement/ Aquapure

    My Transformer for my 12 year old Jandy RS system seems to have burned out the two yellow wires that connect with others via the multiconnector to my Aquapure back board. I've been getting error code 123 and clearly the transformer is fried in some form, though still functioning in other ways...
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    What Kind/Size compressor do I need to close the pool?

    A lot of posts say to use a compressor to blow out the lines/main drain etc. What is the minimum size....or the just-right size compressor one would need to close the pool. Seems like it might cost much less than the mighty vac. And, since I need a compressor to attach to the schrader valves...
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    Schrader Valve Blow-Out. Compressor or Mighty Vac????

    Does anybody know if an attachment can be made to use a mighty vac to connect to a schrader vavle for blowing out the lines? Is this only a compressor specific thing,....or could a mighty vac be used in this situation as well? Thanks.
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    Air in Pump- strange scenario

    Anybody have any ideas about this situation: First my setup: I have a Jandy 1.5HP PlusHP pump which goes into a Jandy CV 460 FIlter, then a Jandy AETI 2000 Heat Pump, Then the aquapure. Next it goes to my Paramount 6 port in floor cleaning system. I have one skimmer return and one floor drain...