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    California Draught, too much CYA, cloudy pool.

    I switched from 3" tablets last year due to high CYA levels. I switched to Calcium Hypochlorite (shock) that results in keeping the algae at bay but the calcium, I assume clouds the pool. This year I have switched to liquid chlorine (for about 1 month now) but because of the high CYA levels, I...
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    Cloudy water after 4 days of filtering.

    I also have a cloudy pool because I have been using Calcium Hypochlorite to chlorinate the pool due to high CYA levels already present. My sand filter does not do a good or quick job of filtering out the calcium component. I have gone over to liquid chlorine exclusively for the last two weeks...
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    Which pool cover is the best to reduce chlorine loss?

    I had been using the 3 year typical life "blue" bubble cover but most recently bought a longer life (5-7 year) clear cover and it is holding up fairly well after 2 years in northern California. Is the one any better than the other for loss of chlorine? Has anyone ever measured this with...
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    Help with CYA levels

    Split by moderator from HERE. Please start a new thread to ask your own questions and not hijack other member's threads, especially 3 year old ones. Thanks, jblizzle My CYA levels are also very high and unfortunately, due to the water shortage and the draught here in California, I cannot dump...
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    How long does a SWG cell last

    How long doe a SWG cell last. I assume it is supposed to be catalytic only but what is the practical life for a cell? I heard of many people going to salt system/SWG only to go back once they find out the expense of a replacement cell.
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    Maytronics problems: leaks, Electronics, and motor stress cracks

    It sounded too good to be true: a low energy use, smart pool cleaner. It is too good to be true! Maytronics, well known for their robotic pool cleaners isn't perfect. Look at all of the problems users have had with their Maytronics cleaners on this forum. The common problem: "my unit turns on...
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    What is the best chlorine product to use?

    I have been using Leslie's granular chlorine since the pool was new but no have to put too much in w/respect to CYA levels. I am now using liquid chlorine which is actually Sodium Hypochlorite. Will the CYA already in the pool at a high level protect the chlorine and as a result will have high...