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    FC / CC test and water temperature

    Hello, Does water temperature affect the FC or CC test? I opened my pool and the water temp is 57 degrees. If I test FC and CC as soon as I take the water sample will it read differently than if I let it sit inside and warm up to room temperature? Thank you.
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    Pool surface feeezing

    Hello, My pool is winterized and I currently have my mesh safety cover on my 30K gallon gunite pool. The water is 4 inches above the top of my light fixtures. Over the next 4 days we are going to have freezing temps with two days in the mid 20’s and two days in the low teens. Question...
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    SLAM before closing -- Question

    Thank you to for the TFP community. I have learned so much here. It is amazing how many of my friends and neighbors who have pools but don't follow TFP look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I have never set foot in a pool store and manage my pool myself. Anyway... My question is...
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    Losing FC

    Hello, Since opening my pool 2 weeks ago I have not been able to maintain my FC. After testing it a few times and seeing my FC almost 0 I decided to SLAM assuming I had alge growing even though the pool was clear. My one problem is I had already added CYA prior to realizing I was losing my...
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    Need help calculating FC generation

    Hello, I have a 30,000 gallon gunite pool with a Pentair IC-40 SWG. It appears my SWG is undersized for my pool. My question is, how do I calculate how many ppm of FC my SWG is generating for my pool per hour when running the SWG at 100%? Thank you, Mike
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    Eyeballs - HELP!

    Hello, My pool was finished last fall and closed by my builder. I opened the pool today and for the life of me can not get the eyeballs back in. I have banged on them so hard to get them back into the wall returns I am afraid I am going to break them. Does anyone have any tips or should I...
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    CH in closed pool - Asking for guidance

    Hello, My 30,000 gallon gunite pool was completed in August 2016 and I closed it in early November 2016. I live near Philadelphia. I have a mesh safty cover. Today I pulled back the cover to check the water level and decided to practice my water testing skills using my TF 100 test kit. My...
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    Intelichem -- Controling Intelichlor

    Hello, I have Intelichem that is managing my PH and FC. To take better control of my pool, can anyone tell me if there is away to disable Intelichem from controlling my Intelichlor all together? I would still like to Intelichem to continue to manage my PH, but I would like to manage the FC...
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    Protecting filter and heater exterior

    Hello, I have a new pool with a pentair cartridge filter and gas heater. Does anyone recommend putting Armor All or some type of coating on the exterior to protect it and keep it looking new? I am thinking thinking I do this for the plastic exterior of my car to keep it looking new, why not...
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    Southeastern Pennsylvania -- New Pool Build

    Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful information. Below is a summary of our pool build scheduled to begin late next month in the Northwest suburbs of Philadelphia. I would appreciate any comments (favorable or critical) regarding our decisions. We put our deposit down in December so...
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    Pool Builder - Southeastern, PA

    I need help finding a pool builder. I have been searching for a pool builder in Southeastern, PA with no luck. We are looking to install something in the area of a 20 x 40 vinyl in-ground pool. Either contractors don't show up for scheduled appointments, show up but never provide an estimate...