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    Intex AGP pool fence ideas for lawn?

    Hi all, looking for yard ideas with a fence to keep the pool safe for our 2 and 4 year old. I was looking at the 4x12 retractable fencing but 1 section is in lawn so need mounting ideas unless I pour concrete for the poles or other ideas. Not too fond of the stick up from pool supports...
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    Best pool on market for under $400, 15x48 or so? Intex Prism, Ultra or Bestway etc?

    Hi TFP! Had a Ultra frame i got for $280 back in 2014 but got rid of it. I currently have a 15x48 Intex Prism in a box while I prep the ground/figure out yard design. Is the Intex Ultra (15x48) at Kmart an 1.5 away for $380 better than the Intex PrisM (15x48) i got from Target...
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    Intex Prism vs Ultra Frame differences/opinions?

    Hi all! looking to purchase a intex on clearance for next summer as kids are older or maybe this summer if I can get it prepped. Had a 16x48 Intex Ultra frame in 2014 and then we had 2 babies so priorities took over. Need to re-level etc as its been a few years! I found a 15'x48" Intex Prism...
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    For Sale: TF-100 used 5 times

    Sold our pool we had for 1 season and used this kit 5 times or so, no use but was a great kit. Thought about keeping for when we get a in ground but with another baby in the way no clue when that will be! $40+shipping Obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is there a for sale forum? Selling my tf-100!

    Can't find a for sale sub forum, want to get rid of my test kit since o only used 4-5 times and sold pool! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How long to take intex 16' intex pool and safe for yard?

    Hello, how long does it take to drain*** with 2 hoses? Should I pull the drain plug and throw the hoses over the edge? Have a buyer looking at Saturday and talking about picking up Sunday... May need to borrow a sump pump I feel.... Also is my water safe if I pull the chlorine floater and...
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    Bay Area, CA in search of reputable pool builder

    Hello, we live in Brentwood, CA (Northern California) and throwing around the idea of an in ground gunite Pool. Neighbors are interested too, so may be good deal for builder lol. Grandpa had Swann install one and 8 years later developed cracks! Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
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    Best way to drain intex ultra frame that turned green?

    Hey all, With the birth of our daughter, our 1 summer 16'x48' ultra got neglected and turned green. Just got to dine draining via the skimmer basket outlet. Before I drain further looking for tips as it has slight algae on sides and leaves in bottom. Can see bottom but barely. Want to...
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    Best sand filter for $ - 16' Intex ultra

    Looking to upgrade my pump/filter as I'm sick of rinsing/replacing cartridges for my 16' ultra intex.
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    Pool green, drain or save?

    Hello all, let my pool go with arrival of our 1st baby 16' ft round intex ultra. . I was planning on draining and moving a few pavers that were on the leg edge. Can I drain now or should I wait until spring? I kinda want to clean it up and Def don't want a mosquito breeding ground lol.
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    Intex 635T reduced pressure and marble sounding?

    Hello all, had my pool up 3 months and lately I've been getting algae and low pressure out the return. Noticed some spots and streaks on bottom. Been adding 64 Oz of bleach to NY 5k gallon pool daily. Pull out filter rinsed, pressure low and had signs of algae so went and bought new...
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    Bottom spots, use a brush?

    How often does everyone use a brush on their intex? Had mine setup a little before 7/4 and never brushed but swam a few times. I'm using the bleach method, adding daily. I did skip a day or 2 and recently noticed some spots/liner crease stains. I took my leaf rake and went over the area and...
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    Adding ball valve with Hayward skimmer on Intex Ultra?

    Hello, got my 16x48 Intex Ultra up a few weeks ago along with the Hayward skimmer. I need a ball valve as I'm still running the Intex flex hose and cartridge filter. So now if I want to clean the filter I have to lift above water level or let it leak. What a hassle, please help! =)
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    Tools to clean intex ultra Pools?

    What tools are safe to use on the vinyl liner? I'm going to get one of my Grandpa's poles and buy a net. Which scrubber for bottom and how to get leaves off? What else is a necessity for these Pools?
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    Intex 16x48 up, legs getting close to edge of pavers!

    Hello all, Got my pool up and as it filled a few legs got close to the outside edge of my 12x12x1.75" pavers on the low side. All the legs are straight and not "bowed" atleast and the rope isnt tight on the poles. I added a paver to 1 outside one so it doesnt slip off. I thought we had them...
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    Pool is up and 1st TF-100 is complete, now what? goal-swimming on 4th of July!

    I was hoping to get chemicals tonight but I had a drip I needed to get great white sealant for and finish topping my Intex 16x48 off! Finally got it topped off and 1st test results in! Just regular Intex 635T pump with hayward skimmer added. Figured I'd come to the masters for my 1st round to...
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    My 16x48 intex ultra is up, now to run power cord?

    Hello everyone, hot my pool filling currently and now thinking about power. I have about 10' ft to house and a gfic about 10' from there. How did you all run the Intex pump cord?
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    "Fill sand" for bottom of Intex pool?

    Hello all- Should be leveled this weekend and hopefully starting sand! Will "Fill Sand" work? Thats what 3 places recommmended around me, $35 or so a yard. For a 16x48 most likely 3 yard?
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    Foam vs sand?

    Breaking ground this weekend for my 16x48 pool! So level, foam board and tarp? Been searching for foam board vs sand for flooring. From my understanding foam replaces sand completely? I plan on leaving it up year round, no snow just rain here (northern California) . Does foam board hold up...
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    Best place to buy TF100 test kit?

    About to start setting up my Intex pool, where I'd the best place to buy my TF100 test kit? I saw the 2600k on Amazon, is that a good kit? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    Weekend purchase: Intex vs PRO Series 16x48 pros/cons

    Picking up one of the above pools this weekend, price difference is $20. I know the liner, quality and setup is about the same. The ProSeries has a wall mounted skimmer while Intex is I believe ground pump? Biggest reviews I see is that the intex pump is weak. I would upgrade pumps next...
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    New here and cant wait to start learning! Soon to be above ground owner!

    Hello all! :) With the heat fast approaching in Northern California, My GF and I are looking at a about ground Pro-Series 16x48 (on sale for $300!) as a investment for this summer. :p Even if it lasts a few years, awesome LOL! Kind of excited as its our first purchase together, I plan on...
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    Looking to buy Pro Series 14x42, review and setup tips?

    Hey all, my gf and I are looking at getting a above ground pool for the house this summer. Gets high 90s to 100+ around here. Anyone have experience with these styles? Heard good things so far. Going to put it on the lawn but that's easy to reseed, I heard you can leave up all year if you...