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    Pentair IntelliCenter Installation Questions/Issues

    When I had that message I was able to get the wireless working by pressing the reset button on panel for 10 seconds and afterwards it worked.
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    Easytouch vs intelliconnect

    The new IntelliCenter is another option that already has ScreenLogic functionality builtin (like the IntelliConnect). The IntelliConnect Review gives you an idea of it's features, but it's a basic system w/ 2 relays. But since you've already purchased EasyTouch you'll need ScreenLogic to get...
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    Can you identify this pool light?

    Also ensure that you have the pool light wired to a RCD (residual current device).
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    Safety Bracelets for Kids. Do They Work?

    Good Housekeeping reviewed some of the pool alarms
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    Omnilogic relays failing after update of firmware

    @Hayward Pool have helped with issues in the past, but they don't appear active anymore. Maybe ask if sending the board in for repair is an option. New boards are north of $600 so worth asking. Hayward OmniLogic Main Control Board Replacement HLX-PCB-MAIN
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    IntelliCenter Home Automation Integration and Control

    I had discovered two open TCP ports 6680 & 6681 last month in this post and the website dumps a lot of these messages to the console. You can just telnet the latter port and send/receive messages.
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    Adding Automation, Actuators, EasyTouch, SWG at same time? Doable as DIY?

    What are your expectations for automation? Since you have a pool/spa combo is automating valves (with actuators) and heater (via the firemans switch) desired? If you have a limited budget then the Intermatic MultiWave might be an option. The PE25065RC at $650 would allow you to do this and...
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    Hayward OmniLogic system loses Wi-Fi configuration

    The Omnilogic HLWLAN antenna is actually a rebranded EnGenius ENS202EXT acting in bridge mode. It's worth noting that Pentair is also using that same device as a WiFi bridge for their new IntelliCenter. I suspect that all the WiFi settings are actually stored on the ENS202EXT and the...
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    Change Router and Lost Screenlogic Connection

    Also see following thread.
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    Help Fixing Pool Light: Cord or Light?

    The panel in the photo is for a low voltage lighting system, but the pool light appears to be 120V. You definitely need to ensure that you have working GFCI protection that will trip or shut off the circuit immediately. Below is some useful information regarding pool lights and the need for a...
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    Omni Pool Control Firmware Update

    I would take a pause and follow Omnilogic relays failing after update of firmware post. It might be an isolated incident, but I'd give it a few weeks in case any kinks need to be worked out.
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    Omnilogic relays failing after update of firmware

    I'm not familiar with the OmniLogic is the update done via a USB? The firmware image might've been corrupted. Can you remember what the error message was when the MPP update failed? Are you able to reapply the firmware update again or is it not letting you? If you can, you might try to drop...
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    Pentair Sun Touch solar programming

    In system control can you take SunTouch out of auto mode and manually switch solar on and off? If that doesn't work inspect the wire from the actuator for any damage.
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Installation Questions/Issues

    Also make sure that you have the ethernet cable plugged into the correct port (marked POE) on the wireless client bridge antenna.
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    Light Niche missing screw hole

    Get two light wedges and put one at the top and another at the bottom.
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    Hayward Colorlogic Lights Question

    From operating instructions in ColorLogic installation manual. The OmniLogic merely automates this process for you.
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    Can an expert point me in the correct direction to replace the motor in this pump? *pic*

    As already mentioned, give a call and get back to us with the recommendation they provided you. 7 Biggest Mistakes When Replacing a Pool Motor
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    Pump / Motor Replacement - Currently only 120V available

    The Intermatic PE653RC is a cheaper automation controller w/ 5 relays that supports both dual speed/variable speed pumps and AutoPilot SCG via RS485. It the only controller I've seen that supports other manufacturer VS pumps which is a rarity. I can't say for sure if it'll support your...
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    Can an expert point me in the correct direction to replace the motor in this pump? *pic*

    If you're going with a VS pump, then you'll need to stick to a Hayward pump like the Tristar VS or Ecostar to be able to control it with your OmniLogic controller.
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    Let's talk Pentair Automation

    Automation is a broad term, everyone has it to some extent even if just mechanical timers. With the advent of VS pumps you can have multiple schedules at different speeds to save on electric costs. You might have a cleaner that you need to schedule. You can turn lights on automatically in the...
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    Let's talk Pentair Automation

    I think you're referring to the IntelliConnect, not the IntelliCenter. The IntelliCenter Quick Reference Guide gives you an overview of capabilities.
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    Let's talk Pentair Automation

    The IntelliCenter is a brand new automation system only available this year. While it doesn't support Apple HomeKit yet, it does support Amazon Alexa. Maybe some enterprising person will create a Homebridge plugin like AqualinkD for Pentair controllers.
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    Pool light (led) only Blue

    You'll have to look at the light fixture - can you take a photo and share?
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    Let's talk Pentair Automation

    If you're looking to keep your existing subpanel then you can get the Pentair IntelliCenter Power Center Enclosure that includes 5 relays. I don't believe that bundles are available w/ power center so you have to build system a la carte. Give the folks from that website a call and they can...
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    Pool light (led) only Blue

    Are you sure you have a color changing LED? Could be just a light with a blue lens.
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    This year's Pentair light issues

    Maybe something like the VONETS VM300 WiFi Module would work with mountable antennas. FWIW, I was able to discover two open TCP ports on the panel, 6680 & 6681. I used telnet on the latter port and got the following response, maybe MQTT...
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    Pool Light

    Color lights won't be as bright - what wattage does it show?
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    ScreenLogic Issues

    Fair enough squirrel, but since he's had no luck with the recommended approach I thought I'd offer an alternative. It's not hard to do and there's no harm in trying as a last ditch effort.
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    This year's Pentair light issues

    Surge protection won't help with a direct lightning strike. The linked surge protectors work for nearby ground strikes by shunting any high voltage spikes to earth. I'm not advocating direct wiring, but if wifi isn't an option then at least this device at each end might help.
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    ScreenLogic Issues

    From Screen Logic wont connect it shows the default IP after reset is so try that. What was your original router subnet and what is the new one? I assume the LED lights on the network port are lit? As a last resort you could try Wireshark and see if any DHCP requests are being...