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    Jandy Nicheless failures

    Does anyone know specifically why the jandy nicheless lights fail? Is it overheating, water leaks, or something else?? I've seen comments on youtube and other forums bashing the lights saying they don't last long. But I haven't seen any diagnosis into why. I also see Jandy just re-engineered...
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    Wall Jets vs Deck Jets

    So I've always planned on getting deck jets, but the more I think about it, the more I'm considering wall jets. Two reasons would be less water loss, and guests can walk on the deck without getting wet. Seems like it is always windy in my backyard, I imagine lots of spray getting all over the...
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    Homemade scupper ideas

    Does anyone have and budget or diy skupper ideas? I found these underwater rated thru-hull (boat) fittings for $12 a piece. They might create a nice effect mounted on a stone.
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    Poll: Flagstone vs Pavers

    So I'm in the process of building my own pool, we are aiming for a spring 2017 open. In the past I decided on pavers, however I would like to get more opinions to help decide. I really like the look of flagstone and it is more affordable than I thought. It seems pavers are more functional...
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    french drain under liner pool?

    I have seen a few gunite shell pools that put in french drains under the pool to keep them from floating. But i haven't read about any liner pools with them. Water behind behind the liner isn't nearly as serious as a pool shell floating but I would like to avoid it. My water table is well...
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    Another DIY Block Pool - Stacking the walls

    Another DIY Block Pool - 2017 I've been planning this pool for 3 years now. It has evolved in design from a smaller freeform to a larger block-wall vinyl pool. The aim is to open the pool late spring 2017. I've made a lot of my design, size and equipment decisions from reading build...
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    Light Placement Question

    I am in the early planning stages still. I was thinking 3 jandy 30watt white led nicheless lights evenly spaced apart at the same depth. One installed above the last step. Also 1 9w lighting up the tanning ledge. My question: Do you think that is enough power? Is the placement okay or...
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    Hello from Marietta, Georgia!

    Just joining after 3-4 years of reading. I was raised with a 18x36' vinyl pool and miss being able to swim at home. I'm planning on putting in a concrete wall vinyl lap pool this year. I'm very 'frugal' (some would/do say cheap) so it will be all diy except electrical. Inspired very...