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  1. aehaas

    What Happens to Cl Levels When Algaecide is Added to Your Pool Water?

    I figured that adding a maintenance dose of algaecide every week would allow me to reduce my SWG output of chlorine making it (the generator cell) last longer. I normally run a steady free Cl level of 4 to 6. I added some algaecide. Days later some visible algae started in places. I noticed that...
  2. aehaas

    ? Benefit of Borate Level of 15-20? in SWG Pool?

    I have a 32,000 gal PebbleTech plaster pool here in Florida. It has around 80% sun exposure through the day. The area is screen enclosed. Pool usage is Zero, an expensive decoration. It has a built in hot tub section with a waterfall into the pool with around a foot drop. The aeration from that...