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    Retrofit Sleeves for Volleyball Net

    Any idea of the ease of drilling holes for volleyball pole inserts? I have washed/exposed aggregate decking. The deck is about 3 years old. Is this a DIY project or better left to the pros?
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    Greenish tint

    My water was perfect but I noticed my cartridge filter pressure was high so I needed to clean the filters. They were filthy. So bad I was surprised my water was clear. I cleaned them and one day later my water had a dusty look and green tint. Several days later still Greenish. I keep my...
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    New deck heaving

    Hi, My 4 month old decking is already heaving in a large area and is heaving around the coping. It is pulling the mastic away and seems to be getting worse. It is upwards of 1 in now (see pic). Pool guy says this isnt "normal" but should resolve it self by Summer. I am not so sure. Does...
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    Savi lights on Iaqualink

    Hi, does anyone know how to get my iaqualink setup to control savi? The only choices on my iaqualink are jandy, pent air, and Hayward. Lights work fine but I can't really control the color since I control my savi led color lights using the jandy led colors.
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    Water in the new pool

    Hi, We will begin filling our new pool in a few days and i was wondering if you had any advice on questions that i need to ask my PB tomorrow and Friday. I have never owned a pool so every question has the possibility to be a dumb question :)
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    Getting fence to code

    Hi, We need to get our fence up to code because the horizontal members and posts face out, ie on neighbors side of the fence. We are eventually getting a New fence and will turn the posts to be on our side but that is a 4 weeks away and pool build should be finished in a few days. I can...
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    New Dig in McKinney TX (north of Dallas)

    It took longer than expected to pick a builder but finally nailed it down with the guy who actually took the time to educate me on the building of a pool. Jeff at Mirage Custom Pools. Permits went to the city today...fingers crossed on the dig starting soon. Never owned (much less built) a...