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    Circupool Smart Flow 1.5 Variable Speed Pump

    Hello, I just upgraded and installed this pump. It seems fantastic and I can't believe how quiet it is and according to the Watt meter it is only using 67 Watts per hour. My question is: Is there any problem with just running the pump on the lowest setting for 24 hours a day. It should turn...
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    Circupool RJ-60 Plus Installation Video

    I figured this might be helpful to my friends at TFP. Enjoy.
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    PH Plus made water cloudy

    FC 8 PH 7.3 (moving up to 7.7) Hello, This morning my pool looked great. I checked the levels and wanted to bring up the ph a little bit. I bought some bulk ph+ and added about 40oz. and it made my pool cloudy. I seem to remember this happening as well last season too. I am wondering if the...
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    Calculating output from SWG

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how much FC my SWG generates in a 12 hour shift. I used pool math and I typed in 1.28 Lbs of "chlorine gas" and I am wondering if that calculation is showing me how much FC I get in 24hrs? I'm getting about 6.2 FC for a 24,000K pool on a 24hr. shift? Is this...
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    Need a UV proof cover to go under my winter safety cover.

    Hello, I'm looking for a Winter UV cover that goes under a Winter Safety cover. My winter cover is about 95% UV resistant. I remember reading on here that they make a cover that is like a solar cover that blocks sunlight to prevent algae growth in the offseason. I don't know what the product...
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    Safety cover straps and anchors not lining up.

    I have a really nice solid cover from Yard Guard. It needs to be replaced with a custom matching one $1500. I'm thinking of buying a cheaper cover and putting 1/4 cable surrounding the the pool cover, so I don't have to drill new anchors all over my deck. Has anyone done this? I'm about 85...
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    Take water out of pool and bypass the filter?

    Hi, I just added CYA though socks in my filter basket about 5 days ago. It rained and I want to pump down the pool about 3". Is there a way to bypass the filter and pump out water. I think a lot of my CYA is in the filter now and I want to keep it in there and make sure it does not get...
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    Hayward Tristar Motor Replacement

    Hello, I have a Tristar SP3215X20 pump, and I would like to replace the worn 10 year old Emerson 2HP Motor. I can't read the model on the motor because it is worn off. I would like a motor that is quieter if possible. I'm not sure what brand is recommended or if 2HP is needed, or if I should...
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    Pump Down Bad Cap

    I have a hayward pump and motor the capacitor is bad it is 35uf 370VAC/B part number 325p356h37n36n4x where can I get a new one from. I have a good cap from a dehumidifier that is rated at 35uf 270VAC will that work temporarily? Thanks
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    compupool CPSC48 Need help with the math.

    FC 10 cc.5 ph 7.7 CYA 65 (I added to go to 75 a week ago and not seeing a change) Hello, When I bought my CPSC48 about 4 years ago it was rated at about 2.3 Lbs/hr. at a 24 hour run time. Now looking at discount salt pools website the output for my unit has been changed years later. Full...
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    Is this the correct polyquat 60 algaecide

    My pool is looking good, but I want make sure I keep the algae away. I want to add algaecide (the polyquat 60) and just am checking if this is the right product. : Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated Algaecide, 1 Quart : Swimming Pool Algaecides : Patio, Lawn...
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    FC Test with less chemicals

    Is it accurate to do an FC test using 1 scoop and 5ML water sample and counting each drop of R087 as 1 ppm FC? My FC is at about 13 and it seemed to work well. Thoughts?
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    It's Hot out there and my kids can't swim because I'm at Shock level.

    FC 29 Ph 7.4 TA 100 CYA 55 salt 2200 The water right now is very clear, but looks a little glossy due to the high FC level. About a week ago after a storm I noticed the pool lost its shine and was a little cloudy, so the FC was around 4 and I brought it up to 12 and vacuumed. I put in some...
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    PH question (should be easy)

    Just got done opening and passed the SLam FC 10.5 PH 7.0 CYA 45 salt 2200 I'm slowly letting the FC settle into about 7, but just tested the PH (it has been a while since before the slam). It is low, and I know higher FC levels can make the test invalid. I'm wondering if I should raise the...
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    Adjusting return eyeball

    I have some problems with my eyeballs (that is pool eyeballs) if I make them too tight they won't move if I make them too loose they eventually fall off. I want to snug them a little bit, but still be able to move them. I'm thinking about greasing them, but I'm not sure what type of grease is...
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    Pool opening, Using Bleach or Cal-hypo

    I live in Eastern PA and every year when I open my pool it requires 60+ jugs of bleach. I opened the pool today which is early and as usual the pool looks good I can see both drains and the deep end, the pool is just cloudy. I tested the water and found zero CYA so I brought it up to shock...
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    PSI gauge Problems

    Hi everyone, I ordered a new gauge for my sand filter last year from the website and it is already broken the needle is sticking. These look like really nice gauges, I was impressed with the build quality when it came in the mail. I am wondering if I got a dud or if anyone else...
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    Losing FC in direct sunlight

    FC 9 PH 7.6 CYA 65 CH 80 salt 2300 CC .5 If my pool is covered all day it is fine, but when I pull the solar cover and leave the pool exposed to the sun I'm losing a whole lot of FC. Yesterday morning 7AM FC was 14.5, in late evening it was 9 FC. The SWG ran 12hrs. at 70% and it is...
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    Losing FC and water got cloudy fast.

    So pool has been opened for 6 weeks and has been beautiful and clear as well. We had some people over to swim over the weekend and I turned up the SWG just in case. I checked the FC yesterday and it was 3.0, so I topped it off with a bottle of bleach and set the SWG up to 60%. Today I checked...
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    Air Bubbles coming out of skimmer pipe

    When I look down into both skimmers with the baskets removed I see air bubbles coming out of the pipe that connects to the bottom of both skimmers. I read through pool school dealing with leaks and tried a few of the tips and I cannot locate the air leak. It is just a small amount of bubbles...
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    Just opened and looking for a little help getting the water balanced

    It has been I while I could use some help. Not exactly sure what order to go in. FC-0 PH-7.1 TA- 70ppm CYA- 20 Salt-2200 Water looks slightly cloudy, but I can see the bottom at 8'. Where there is dirt from coming through the rain vent on the winter cover it looks slightly geenish on the...
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    Compupool CPSC Series Parts

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an uncracked Cell housing for a CPSC Series or Circupool RJ SWG. I see I can buy a new one for about $72 off ebay, so I wondering if anyone has one laying around from an old retired cell that they would not mind selling to me? Mine is out of warranty. Thanks
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    High number OCLT testing

    Hello everyone, I have been working on getting my newly opened pool balanced all numbers are in range and water is finally crystal clear. My FC is at shock level of 27 due to CYA of 60. So the question is when I conduct my OCLT test I have clear water, less than 1 CC, and I am having trouble...
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    CYA testing with Taylor K-2006

    This should be quick. Added more than enough CYA to be at 70-80ppm for my SWG. Taylor kit is reading 55ish. Should I add more CYA. I'm trying to lower my SWG setting from 80% 8 hours a day to closer to 40 or 50%. Maybe I have great eyesight, but i can see the dot very slightly at 70ppm when...
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    Algea on thermometer rope

    So my thermometer rope is slightly greenish (algea?) I have been running an SWG and keeping FC between 5-7ppm religiously. I can pass the OCLT. The pool water is crystal clear. All other levels are in check? Why is this happening?
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    SWG Report card

    It would be nice to have an interactive spreadsheet where people can rate their SWG. Price paid, time owned, problems, Pros, cons, daily run time, pool size, would you recommend the unit, etc. Just seems there are so many units and most the posts deal with problems. Thanks for considering my...
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    Return Circupool 45 and get Jandy, Hayward, or Pentair?

    My circupool is showing high salt, but still is producing chlorine. Circupool will either send me a new unit or give me back my money through where I purchased it. This forum is loaded with different SWG's and all kinds of problems. I am looking at possibly returning the circupool and maybe...
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    Compupool cpsc36 or cpsc48

    So I've have just started researching these SWG's. Anyone using these units? How do they work? Cpsc36 $600 and Cpsc48 $700. I'm leaning towards the Cpsc48. My pool is vinyl 17,000 gallon. I have 2" pipe and 2HP pump and usually run the pump 6-8 hours a day. I know this brand is not top...
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    Need a little help opening pool / balancing water

    Just opened today. I can see down about 2 feet and the water has a nice greenish tint. Reminds me of when my pool contractor told me that with this new solid winter cover I'll just pop it off and the water will look perfect. What do you expect he worked for the pool store. FC 0 PH 7.0 TA 80...
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    PVC Ball valve wing handles breaking

    Just wondering if I need to replace the entire valve or it the handles on these valves pop off and can be replaced? Here is a pic. of my valve. Thanks ... RTM1303753