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    Pool math app feature request - graph of test results

    Younger folks, with custom IOT devices are all about data logging. I'd love to be able to see my SWG settings overlayed with my FC readings from the past year so I know how my settings effect FC generation to time of year and sun exposure. Same for salt, CYA and hardness against each other so...
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    Pool math app feature request - graph of test results

    I will say that's why I use another service (poollogger) it calculates the same as pool math, but it has better data display plus graphing. (FC graph attached)
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    I think this is bad but.....

    In the picture below you can see the chloine and PH side of the blue box all kinda gross, and the CC reagent looks like the OPs. The TA and CH tests don't seem bothered by being in the box, so I left them. the CH and PH are more frequently used anyways so the caddy keeps them clean and ready to use.
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    I think this is bad but.....

    That’s what happened to mine. I left everything in the blue box it came in, and that happened plus the DPD powder turned black. I started storing them in a caddy instead of the I closed box it came in and the problem went away... after buying new chems. I figured pool water humidity in a...
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    Hot climates chime in.. how much CYA do you lose?

    In the summer here, I loose about 10-20 ppm a month in CYA. However I do loose salt and calcium hardness steadily due to having to drain the pool after a rainstorm. I have to bump all three up regularly.
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    Pulled electric cord out

    If the terminals are labeled, Labeled L/Line (or gold colored) is the Black Labeled N/Neutral (or silver colored) is the White Labeled G/Ground or a symbol that looked like a upside down Christmas tree (or green colored) is the Green
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    How Often Do You Run Your Robot?

    I have mine running daily, the home automation triggers it, so it more or less lives in the pool.
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    Use well water after the well has been sanitized?

    I water my lawn with pool water when I have to drain it when the level gets too high. Have yet to see a negative. That being said, it’s unknown what the chemical levels of the well water are... could be lots more chlorine than a pool.
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    What is the actual water temp?

    I have a temp probe inline on the plumbing after the pump, so it’s water pulling from the drain and skimmer. The floaters always indicate higher because the sun is right there. The cycling water in the plumbing is more accurate. The downside is when the pump is off, the temp probe becomes useless.
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    Cryptosporidium - The Germ for 2019

    Hi all, the last few days my news feed has been full of stories about the new pool superbug called “Crypto”. Many news sites have an article about it, here are some highlights...
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    Household uses for unused pucks?

    Hi all, just looking to see if anyone has tried any non-pool related uses for left over pucks. Yes, I’m aware they will keep and I can use some on a vacation. But with a SWG, my uses for them are not great. My first thought was dropping one in the toilet tanks. They make bleach pucks already...
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    Beads in the pump pre filter.

    My Dolphin robot had some of the bearings come apart, but they were metal and not ceramic, however that’s the same spot I started finding mine. Had to replace all 6 bearings/gears in the cleaner for the tracks.
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    LED Light Strips

    Do you have any pictures of transformers and wiring to pool? This has been on my list for a while now, and it looks fantastic in that pic. I personally use those strips and DMX decoders in my house, so I am very familiar with the systems, but can’t figure out how to get the wire to the pool.
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    Water scorpions

    Try tossing 50ft? I’ve had decent luck with sprinkling the DE powder for crawling insects around the yard.
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    Concrete Stain vs. Acrylic Deck Paint

    I'm having that discussion right now with my wife. Our deck is painted with white deck paint (unknown if it's acrylic) but it's peeling bad. Between Florida thunderstorms and the dog running around, I'm always finding paint chips in the pool. I am concidering tiling or doing the stain option...
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    What the heck are these??

    I can’t tell if those are floating or underwater, if they are floating we get those too about once a month after it rains, I feel it is something to do with their life cycles. Super easy to get rid of, just let the pump run. I see them show up at night by the thousands if not millions, but an...
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    Can’t find pool light switch!

    If it’s not by the pool, or pump area... a friend of mine had his in the dining room, you could kinda see the pool from there! If it’s low voltage, you could probably trace some conduit fairly easily from the transformer by the pump, or along the exterior wall. Also want to toss out the...
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    Thermal image of the hot solar panels filling up with cold pool water

    That’s too cool! I would love to see the video if you could put it up on YouTube or any other video site.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    92 with solar! I’m loving my warm night swims.
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    2019 Pool toys/games

    Is there a good drink floaty that can hold a can or bottle or a bigger (reusable) water bottle? Preferably something that can keep it cool, but not a floating cooler...just something that can hold one thing.
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    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    I just dump it outside on the grass. The pool is screened in, so it usually just a few bugs and not so much plant stuff.
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    Where is the site hosted?

    Read this, 6 Key Differences — "Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting" (2019 Guide) Long story short, with a VPS (or dedicated server) you are running the show, with a site this big you probably want to setup automated tasks to pull DB backups, potentially mirror two servers every day for redundancy...
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    Circupool UL40??

    If you are indeed referencing the Universal model, I can only say good things about it. Installed it Fall of last year as my first SWG, and it’s been cranking out chlorine like there is no tomorrow. For a 13k gallon pool, I have had it set at 20%, with Florida sun my FC has been sitting at 10ppm.
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    Replacing a circuit breaker

    When in doubt, kill it all. I have a breaker in my main panel that feeds out to my pool sub panel. Yes, you could just kill the breaker supplying the sub panel, but it’s safer to be paranoid especially with hands that close to the buss. I would turn both off, the main and the secondary, that...
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    Purchasing new SWG - A Few quick questions

    I have the Universal model, bought it as my first SWG. Sitting at 30%, with a 6hr pump daily runtime. CL is steady at 10ppm. 13k pool. Super happy with it, simple to install and output is great.
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    Solar panel heater plumbing

    Thanks @CJadamec & @setsailsoon! That makes perfect sense. Always enjoy learning how things work!
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    Solar panel heater plumbing

    Hi all, I always assumed the heater panels on the roof trickled water top down, but recently I noticed my panels supply water from the bottom and push it up. Checking out the neighbors pools, apparently this is the proper way to do it...but why? Here is what I can figure... 1) Direction doesn’t...
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    Can't Keep CYA UP

    No magic potions, SWG is new so still on the initial salt levels... that’s a great idea, I didn’t think that the concentrations should both drop if it’s a water loss, or splash out situation. FC has been pretty consistent sense SWG. I normally add the CYA to a bucket of water to dissolve, it...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    87 today!
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    Can't Keep CYA UP

    I am not a huge fan of the Taylor CYA test, after I finished those reagents I purchased the Blue Devil test, it has a bigger tube with a dot on a stick so it can be checked many times and not have to transfer stuff back to a bottle to double check. I go till dot is completely gone, then round up...