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    Win, loose or draw?

    I went out to vacuum the pool, as she does daily my little one (8 year old) checks the temperature. Our conversation as I vacuum: Daddy the temperature is up to 72, can I swim today? No baby I told you 75 or higher. (Point me) Daddy Spring break is over today please! Baby spring break isn’t...
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    Murphy's Law

    Murphy's Law: If pollen is in the air it will always blow into your pool :P
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    Trees mating in my pool

    For the past week the oak tree pollen has been heavy here and I skim the pool twice a day. When I first started reading on this forum and Pool School I read a post about using a knee high stocking on the skimmer basket. I asked the lady at Wally World where they were and she showed me with a...
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    Testing after a storm

    We just had storms move through here this morning, we had 2.75 inches in the rain gauge. I tested the PH and FC. Ph 8.2 very purple FC 6.5 Yesterday it was Ph 7.5 FC 6 I guess its the rain that raised the PH, will this come down on its own or do I need to add some MA? Thanks
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    Testing, learning to trust my own eyes

    I had an interesting day. I had a hard time being sure about my CYA and Ph test levels so I headed to town to get a free pool store water test. I went to three different stores in two towns (all close to me). Below are all the readings. Mine Ph 7.5 FC...
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    Still Learning

    I was wondering why my TA has dropped. Not in a panic here just wanting to learn. We had 3.5 inches of much needed rain here yesterday. The below reading are from the day before the rains and today's reading. The SWCG has been off for three weeks and I have been adding Bleach as needed. I...
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    New kid on the block. Hi

    Hi everyone! New pool owner here. I had a friend that purchased an Intex 18’ x 42” pool and the Deluxe Maintenance kit this past summer. Purchased in May sold to me in August. He got rid of it because it fell over twice and the water was always orange looking. I asked why he just didn’t...