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    Hayward Navigator Circles
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    Intelliflo VF is brain dead

    Why do you need / want a VF ? In 15 min you can program the VS and its half the price. With the same savings.
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    Intelliflo VF is brain dead

    Belldiver I recently installed a Pentair Intelliflo pump for 679.00 after an efficiency rebate, you may have these available in your area. Pump from Magnolia pool supply 879.00 Rebate from Nevada Power 200.00 :whip: ... parent.htm...
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    Removing rotten meat odor from travel trailer freezer/fridge

    Re: Removing rotten meat odor from travel trailer freezer/fr I've had the same thing happen to me. I opened the fridge and freezer and bleached every surface I could reach. Then a box fan was used to dry overnight. This process was repeated 3 times to complete the cleanup.
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    Test Results in - Is FC what I should focus on?

    FC of 30 is correct @CYA 80 With a SWG, 80 CYA is at the top end of the chart.
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    Dogs in pool, specificallly Labs

    They can swim, i'd try to get them to do it on their own through coaxing with a toy or treat. Bacon, tried and true solution for one of my dogs that was reluctant to get into the pool. Now when I open the back door he runs over to the pool steps and stares at me until I give him the ok.
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    Green Pool, No $

    If you decide to drain/refill you can call Garret Vardever @ 702-218-0065 He has multiple tanker trucks and I've know him for 7 years, honest and on time.
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    Testing for Copper

    Yep, born and raised in North Branch then Minneapolis for college. Nice weather here no squeeky snow for me. Back on topic. I like the green tint on my dogs tail.
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    Testing for Copper

    Didn't the ice just come off the lakes? How long until the eelpout festival ? Too hot for MN............ I do miss the 3 months of good weather :whip: :whip: :whip: and great people.
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    Testing for Copper

    Today High 102 Low 82 AVG 92............ Too hot? PERFECT
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    Pool Cover replacement - newer technology for these?

    I ordered my cover from ... 0808-p.htm (when they had a sale check around) Fast shipping and a fair price, also check with your local utilities in many areas there is a rebate for water / energy conservation. Here in Las Vegas its........... $50 or 50...
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    Working out in a short pool

    Wear a t-shirt, the increased drag should be quite noticeable. Or mukluks :P
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    Hey chem geek, I love your threads and the direct technical explanations.{thank you} Until I read this,,,,, :shock: :shock: :shock: " But when bathers are constantly introducing bacteria into the water, you want that bacteria killed in the time it leaves as fecal matter until it gets...
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    Newbie needing Advice!!!

    3 quick links pool-school/defeating_algae pool-school/shocking_your_pool pool-school/ Also, the more often you test and maintain your pool at correct shock levels, for your CYA level, the faster the cleanup process will go.
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    TF-100 test kit in XL is a GODSEND!

    DO it. I love my speed stirrerrrrrrr
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    holes in main drain clogged

    Clean the lid and contact surface with hot soapy water then lube the gasket with a product such as POOL LUBE Yes the pump basket lid gasket......... its the easiest to start with, then the gasket for the in flow to the pump.
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    My pool light turn on of after 30 minutues.

    If you decide to replace the fixture the are on sale this week at NPS for 159.00. (just did mine 3 days ago)
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    holes in main drain clogged

    Have you tried removing the pump basket lid, cleaning all surfaces including the face that it mates to on the pump and lubing the gasket with pool lube? I had an air leak that I finally found on the suction side connection between the pump and PVC. Cleaning and a quick lube fixed it for me.
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    My pool light turn on of after 30 minutues.

    1. Loose connection that expands due to heat and breaks line current. If you are comfortable with electricity / basic wiring check your connections to be sure they are tight.(from the split to the transformer to the switch.) Check your voltage at these positions when the outage occurs to find...
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    2 Hour Pressure Cooker/Canner Ribs

    Real wood is a good addition I've lightly smoked them pre pressure cooker on a few occasions but it has to be a light smoke due to the concentrating effects of the cooker driving flavors in @15 psi.
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    2 Hour Pressure Cooker/Canner Ribs

    Hello all, new to the forum. Here is my rib recipe as a thank you for all of the great info shared. 1. Cut whole rib slabs into easy to handle sections 8" add salt and pepper to taste. 2. Brown lightly on both sides 3. While browning put 2-3" of water in the pressure cooker ( I have a 30 qt...
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    Soon to be new pool owner first time......... Please Help

    Re: Soon to be new pool owner first time......... Please Hel JasonLion I will use 2 trichlor in skimmer for the first few weeks Thank you onBalance I'll check the household water meter and get a read from the fill guy for total gal Plaster is sky blue tint I requested inorganic dye, thanks for...
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    Soon to be new pool owner first time......... Please Help

    Good morning all. Im new to this pool forum and have been reading all that I can for about 15 days. Ive ordered and received the tf100 test kit and will be using the BBB. We purchased a bank repo with a pool in Las Vegas, Gunnite just chipped out and will be plastered in 4 days. 30'x14' 8.5'...